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Samsung, Huavei lost? Google's mobile phone interception method – China Times Nevs

Google bends the design of the screen. (Rotate back mobile)

Switching smartphones is the most shameful topic this year. After launching two major brands of Samsung and Huawei mobile phones, Google (Google) will not allow its beauty to be in the foreground, but intends to engage in battle. The method of assembling cotton yarns is quite different from the internal overlap of the Samsung Galaki Folda and Huavei Mate X's eccentric assembly method.

Patentley Mobile reported that Google has applied for patches to overlap the screen, and related design drawings have also uncovered Google's newly developed assembly technology. Unlike Samsung and Huawei, it uses Z-shaped bending (or overlapping), which is also screen. It can be folded on both sides.

It is important to note that Google does not mention the design of a foldable display – a smartphone description, but a "computer device" (computer equipment), leaving much space for imagination for the outside world. Foreign media estimates that this technology can be used in devices such as a tablet or laptop, next to smartphones.

Because of Google's non-hardware manufacturers, the registration of these patents can be used as a safeguard measure of self-protection in order to avoid repeating complaints from the Android partner camp. In addition, Google can come from R & D software design considerations, such as the latest release of the next-generation Android -a. The operating system is the most popular application for mobile phone support.

(Times Nevs Newsletter)

Huavei's removable Mate Ks mobile phone is switched. (AP)
Samsung GalakiFold with foldable phone is bent inward. (AP)

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