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4 steps for growing vegetables Fresh family food


OKMD recommends 4 steps to grow vegetable garden vegetables people live food storage Identify a creative career.

Recently, the Office for Knowledge and Development of the Public Organization (OCMD) has organized a public service area or Knowledge in the park at the Center for the Blessing of All Times. In another park, "people with vegetables." Sirikul Or aunt pushes to grow vegetables in the city to educate the way of growth and allow people from the city to come to learn. And Workshop Let the participants of the workshop take action. Have skills in cultivation itself. With an exhibition, a good life, a garden trip. Educate those who like to live a simple life. Natural and self-sustaining.

Fortress Aunt Tips Tips for growing vegetable people have 4 simple steps: 1. Preparing the soil. 2. Seedling 3. Planting and planting vegetables. We recommend that we start with the vegetables we eat. It should be easy to grow vegetables. There is not much time to grow. Taking into account important factors in planting, lighting, soil, water, air to suit each plant.

The most important preparation of land for gardening is cooking of soil. To add nutrients to the soil. To grow vegetables grows. Material used for cooking soil 1. The soil contains bags that are sold in the store. There are usually no organic objects. The recommended land should be organic soil, such as clay. If there is less space, 1 small sack of soil can be used. 2. Fertilizer such as cow's body. 3. Organic household waste, such as eggs, shells and eggs. Remnants of coffee, etc. 4. Fermentation of the micro-organism Buy it from the trees. 5. Sugar can help the microorganism to function better in organic matter. Mixing in 2 processed land + 1 manure + organic waste in the household Sprinkle some sugar. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl or bowl. Then use 2-3 teaspoons of water to ferment microorganisms that can mix water and water that corresponds to wet or dry.

"How to test easily, then design, the earth is not interrupted, the soil is cooked, the bags are buried, the bag is loose To catch the air, the dryness is kept in the shade by placing the bag horizontally, for the air Be careful not to get the sun, otherwise the ground will die microorganisms and returns to the sack every 3 days, fermented soil for 7-10 days, organic matter will dissolve It can be used for growing vegetables Condition of cooked soil Suitable for planting When the smell is light, also known as aromatherapy "Aunt Fort reveals a trick.

Seedling Container is placed in a container, a plastic basket, etc. Materials that use seedlings use 1 piece of black rice husk + coconut hair that slides together 2, and then it is merged into a container. If there is a container with holes below. Use paper earlier. And make a small gutter to sprinkle plant seeds into the groove and hand it over the ground, then gently run. Can use fake spray. Or use paper paper to cover the ground first, then guide it to prevent the spread of the seed. And put the container in the shadow. Do not let the sun for 3-4 days, the seed will slaughter.

Movable seedlings To lower the tray, the earth is cooked and used. Small dust. Then pack it in the tray. To move the seedlings into the tailings. Use a sharp tip to remove the seedlings. Be careful not to root and put it in the hole using the tip of the stick at the root and press it. Let it go down above the ground. Then water. And put it under the bright sun. Let the seedlings touch the sun. And watering every day. Be careful not to dehydrate for about 2 weeks.

Planting vegetables Prepare pots. Use the coconut shell to cut the bottom of the pot to help drain. Then add the remaining 3 layers of soil to about 1 centimeter of watering, then pass the vegetables from the flask. Use a spoon handle at the edge of the hole to prevent the modification of the carrots, hand the plant to plant in a pot. And clay to the tree to support the tree. Do not let the leaves hold the ground. And covered with straw. To make the soil moist and watered, then put the bowl on the sun for about 40 days, can be cooked to eat food.

In the beginning, it is recommended to grow 8 types of vegetables such as celery, basil, basil, citrus grass, lettuce, Chaiia or Chaiia, or Mexican kale instead of kale, a water bed or salad. Planting Can be adapted to living conditions Condominium or condominium, town house, town house or single house, as it is planted in containers, and then placed vertically instead or hanging on the wall of the house. Used land No need to go Can be use it again to be rich Minerals. The food is to grow vegetables, "said Aunt.

The Dr. Apichart Prasert Director of the Department of Project Management and Knowledge Management OKMD said, The producers were paying attention. Turn On Love Follow the growth of the branch until the flowers are read. There is fresh food for a family that not only fills the stomach. Only health. It also helps fill the heart, concentrating as a container. Items already in the household. And organic waste from the yard to make full use of it. It can be based on a career that can be made as an additional income or family income.

OKMD will select knowledge and workshops for building new skills, new careers and public services for people of all ages or knowledge in the park. 2561 people interested in seeing details.

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