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Almost Good Each side is guilty.

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The police call the girl to drive jazz and the bar to negotiate kick-kick. Requesting a sticker, license plate, wrong solution They told each other that they were guilty and devoted to the influence of their work

From the case of finding a shot of a young man wearing a costume that drives Viosa Loud horn Before we start to hit Honda Jazz While the car owner did not suffer to run and react in the middle of the road As long as the netizens did not arrive at much criticism

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– A girl, a soldier develops, shoots a curse, parents just stick stickers. Solve the problem of car registration

The latest progress at 19.00 on May 30 at Saladaeng Police Station, after Pol.Gen. He appointed a male military officer, the rank of midshipman who caused the incident, and Ms Sunavarein Rav, 32, a beautician. The girl Let's negotiate It takes about 5 hours

Ms Sunavaree said after negotiations with the opponent We agreed on a compromise Regardless of which side Due to the events that caused both to affect the work obligations The other party is a government official. His / her personal business career is afraid that customers will not look good. And he admitted that it was too hot due to stress. The opposite side did not take the issue of compensation because he saw that his mother had to be hospitalized. That's why they agreed well. No intimidation

Ms. Sunavaree continued to apologize and say that she was the cause because she was wrong with the registration plates because she brought a gold sticker on the license plate. 5 and No. 1, because this is an unfavorable number. When it was bound for a long time, the golden color collapsed in white and saw the parties repent. He can only be a good citizen who sees that the registration plate is incorrect. That's why he thought he deliberately hides the license plates because he made a mistake or not. When I'm sorry I forgave him.

However, he is wrongly charged with the license plate. What he has already compared with a fine is wrong, he is wrong.

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