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– Arcom – Pailin opens a press conference to declare a duty free auction of 4 airports and commercial areas in Suvarnabhumi


Fall Duti 4 Free Auction

– Arcom – Pailin opens a press conference. Auction Fall Duti Free 4 Airports and commercial areas Suvarnabhumi Airport Auction procedure is not yet clear. Throw away the decisive archives to the big AOT, do not go ahead. You do not need to track the total investment of km. Ready to launch a press conference on March 18th

Fall Duti 4 Free Auction – The journalists reported that in the morning of 15 March, Mr. Akom Termipittaiapaisith, the Minister of Transport and Mr. Pailin Chuchottavorn, Deputy Minister of Transport, called Mr. Nittichai Siriratikarn, director of the airport of the Thai company Limited (or AOT) to consider cases in which many parties expressed concern about the issuance of invitations to invite private organizations to participate in the submission of bids for work on 2 projects, or the Desset (Duti Free) Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket Airport, Chiang Mai Airport and Hat Jai Airport And Commercial Management Business Projects In the Hotel Suvarnabhumi Airport After approximately 13.30 hours Mr. Arcom and Mr. Pailin formed a press conference at the media

Mr. Arkom discovered that the Ministry of Transport, as the AOT oversight agency, ordered the AOT to postpone announcing private invitations to participate in bidding for both projects. Since there are more concerns and suggestions from different parties, AOT should clarify all clarifications before it continues to work. For transparency There is fair competition and maximum benefit to the country. Thereafter, Mr. Nitinai will have to return to discuss with the AOT Committee to consider 2 new competition schemes, with the care of all the sectors that are taken into account

In addition, the AOT will have to talk to the Ministry of Finance that both projects will have to follow the steps of the Law on Interstate and Private Investors, 2019, published on March 10th or how? What if it is concluded that such a law is not the Ministry of Finance It will be necessary to consider that the AOT must follow the resolution of the Cabinet that requires the establishment of the Central Committee 4 of the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Transport Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and other agencies What is the mechanism for determining the criteria for the private use of AOT assets? Given that it is necessary to follow the Cabinet's decision, a Central Committee will be formed to act in determining the criteria. And at auction

"If the library case is not approved by the Joint Investment Act of 2019, the resolution of the Cabinet entrusts the depot to be the Central Committee in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport, Resources and Home Affairs. To create a mechanism for private use in the use of AOT property for transparency I must summarize the results of the submission to the Secretariat of the Government to submit it to the Government for consideration within 30 days. "

G. Nitinai found that prior to the release of the TOTR envelope for both projects, which was held on March 19, 2019, AOT examined all aspects and found that it was not necessary to enter the Law. Joint ventures Including the implementation of the cabinet resolution for the establishment of the Central Committee Totally

In the event that many parties claim that both activities are related to aerodrome activities, they must follow the Law on Joint Venture From doing without customs duties and developing land. No action is required which leads to the operation of an airport operation to achieve its objectives, because if the AOT is abolished , this project does not affect airport operations. The airport continues to operate at the airport. Without affecting the operation, therefore, the Joint Investment Law, 2019, does not qualify

Therefore, opening an offer to find a private operator for work in a duty-free shop A Commercial areas, AOT will not cancel the call announcement And continue on Including and do not have to have formal talks with the Ministry of Finance From the previous State Policy Office for Enterprises (SEPO) He can continue the project, however, all the problems he thought AOT could have been caused by public relations, so because of the clarity of AOT, it would officially announce this news on Monday, March 18, 2019.

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