Friday , August 19 2022

Detection of 2 herbal preparations from the form of Thai Pharmacopoeia 4 that help "diarrhea" in the summer months


Dr. Chu, 2 Thai medicines formulations help to cure "diarrhea" during the summer. And Convergence Medicine Helps in treating diarrhea without infection and detects 4 plants that help prevent diabetes from diarrhea.

Dr. Sanphong Ritthivaraksa, President of the Thai Herbal Medicine Information Center National Medicine and Alternative Medicine Discussing how to deal with diarrhea during the summer that summer is a common problem with gastrointestinal illnesses, food poisoning, diarrhea from consuming food near deterioration due to hot weather, food easily spoils, so consumption behavior is very important. Particularly food and drink must eat food and clean, safe drinking water, even when you are very careful. But sometimes there is the possibility of such symptoms. Therefore, we recommend the use of herbal medicines to alleviate diarrhea, ie yellow lines and convergence medicines. This has the properties of alleviating diarrhea that is not caused by infection, such as ejection, without mucus or blood or diarrhea without fever. It also has features that help to increase the wind Relieve the inflammation For those who have just recovered from diarrhea Often have bumps and need to use a carcinogenic drug. Relieve the inflammation Another type of digestive disorder to relieve symptoms

Yellow pellet components are formed from oceans and convergence medicines With spicy herbs In addition to alleviating diarrhea, it also helps alleviate bumps that often occur after diarrhea. It does not cause the need for consuming other types of carcinogenic drugs, said dr. Sanphong.

Dr. Sanphong said it is for plants in primary health care that has the properties of alleviating diarrhea plant with backyard taste. Due to the presence of tannins It has antibacterial activity and reduce the bowel like raw or impulsive bananas Eat half-fruit, 1-effect, or cut into glasses, dry, melt into powder, boil, drink 4 times a day before meals and before leaving) Or use mild effects of 1, rain and lime water. Drink when you have symptoms. Lime with lime water or 100 ml of boiled water.

"Prevention of diarrhea People should choose to eat cooked foods Using fresh, clean ingredients without flies or contact with dust If you want to keep the rest of the food from food It should be stored in the fridge and heated before meals Need to avoid unknown food Fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly if it is diarrhea Often sip mineral water or often drink clean water To prevent dehydration during diarrhea, said Dr. Sanphong.

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