Friday , December 4 2020

Export leather goods to 6 problems before they come out of the Asian Fashion Center

A clock. He pointed out that the export of skin products, the Krathongsang 6 problem, retained the position of Thai fashion center in Asia.

Suvatchai Vongcharoensin, President of the Leather and Leather Products Group of the FTI Group and President of Public Company CPL Group Limited, have discovered the Thai skin situation currently in the skin industry. Skin and skin products are stable. With some periods it is increasing, not decreasing, reflecting continuous growth. The latest leather and footwear industry in January 2019 has an export value of $ 137 million. Decreased compared to the same period of the previous year by 0.77%, mainly due to a decline in exports of leather products, worth $ 86 million, by 4.66%, while the value of footwear exports was $ 51 million, an increase of 6 , 4% Industry faced high instability due to the impact of the US-China trade warfare. And other partner countries Including the economies of different regions Regardless of whether it is Asia, Europe or the United States, causing the global economy to continue to slow down. In addition, currency fluctuations affect the costs of purchasing raw materials for use in production.

"The industry of film and leather products is not happy: in the past, the company took care of both parts, which is a quality manufacturing sector, including finished leather. And parts that are finished products such as bags and other leather products In order to maintain Thailand as a fashion hub in Asia in the sense that the world's leading brands recognize the standards and quality of raw materials Including the latest sewing processes that are modern, "said Mr.

Mr. Suvatchai said that the group has determined the direction of business both in the short and long term. Especially as a representative of businessmen, negotiating with the government and representatives of various countries Ready to launch a fashion and lifestyle project, as well as consideration of complaints and problems for entrepreneurs. Allowing Entrepreneurs to Benefit The film industry has 6 problems to be solved: lack of creativity in product design, lack of skilled workers in design Sewing and assembly, tax and import tariffs, some items, business structure problems In assembly equipment, it is impossible to design a wide product range, no modern production tools, and lack of support for the research and development of skin and skin products and lack of motivation or leading new markets. Which operators have limitations in the mark etting promotion Lack of constant awareness, which reduces the importance of Thai products

G. Suvatchai said that the government sector, the private sector and related agencies must accelerate the improvement of governance. Improve labor Encourage entrepreneurs to improve product quality and production systems that can protect the environment to be a product with different characteristics can be used in many types. This reduces the number of appliances and can still be reused. Help increase product value and increase competitiveness. Can negotiate trade with partners Help Thai businessmen, both domestic and foreign, to do business easily. Reduce trade restrictions Different tax issues And it's still an industry that helps push the Thai economy in the future


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