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Father Nong Phupakachai Autopsy results do not match. I do not have to apologize. Preparing things, but not picking up – Fresh news


In the case of Ms. Sumanee Boonmee, 23, she was dug up by the body of Nong Phupha, the son who was just born 7 days, died. Which body was buried in a suitcase, Khok Mu Temple, Huai Ngu, Hankha District, Chai Nat Province After a doctor from a hospital in Chainat province declared that he died of infected lungs but could not identify the cause of the infection According to the news

The latest progress at 17.30 on March 15, Ms. Sumani, Phakphakin Ob-Om, 50-year-old mother and father Nong Phuphe The police returned to the Chai Nat province after the examination was completed. Bringing it up in the new bedroom The lifting room has various devices in the room. Who bought it, ready to feed the younger There are also lubricants, linens, toys and a car seat that the father hoped to put on the car, take him on a journey to rest on a holiday such as drawing a dream at the end of his life.

Then bring the child in a ready-made suitcase. Under the wooden sheet, opposite the house, there is a wooden drawer for drawing. The outer part is made of completely cemented cement. In the midst of the grief of the family, relatives and villagers from the neighborhood came to cheer.

Mr Phakphakin said that the results of a forensic autopsy show that the cause of death was the cause of death. "Bleeding under the inner crust" does not correspond to the results that the patient gave birth to. "High blood pressure in the lungs" from now on, thinking of traveling to complain to the Ministry of Health. Who will travel on Tuesday, March 19th. I would like to know that the results of post-mortem inspection do not match Who can answer Why is this the only cause? If the cause of death is such, it must have an appropriate cause.

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"A hospital where no one has to show responsibility." My child has died 7-8 days to date, I will say sorry, this can not be done, can not be accepted, everyone has to sympathize with my family. Because I lost all my children And the woman was already sterile Who can not have children for life anymore How much is my son? I would like the media to help me For this claim, it is not about gold. Because I have not been in trouble for money yet But the loss of one child can not be evaluated, "Pakfakin said.

Mrs. Manee said that although we prepared everything for our children. But this happened. Nobody can come to mind. Do not have abnormalities in the stomach. Doctor has examined everything. In this way, in my opinion, the hospital did not say that it was not good. Because many people survived and had a good life. But it is unlikely that this will happen to our case. What's normal. Such things do not happen to anyone who does not know it, I I can not, I do not want to have this type of event with my family. Because no one can come and accept

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