Friday , December 4 2020

Huawei launches the HUAVEI MediaPad M5 lite tablet with the latest products

Huawei released the latest tablet HUAVEI MediaPad M5 lite Fully-equipped intelligent tablet entertainment assistant in a slim design With a 8 inch screen, weighing just 310 grams but fast, full-bodied emotions with high-quality sound tuned by Harman Kardon that comes with the power of the Kirin 710 chipset, the GPU Turbo. At an exciting price of only 7990 baht, plus gifts at the event Thailand Mobile Ekpo 2019 In addition, Huawei has launched a cool product, either HUAVEI Pocket Photo Printer A portable photo printer that comes with Zero® Ink (Zink®) technology that is safe and environmentally friendly. HUAVEI 12000 40V SuperCharge Pover Bank Pover bank, quick charge, price 2.890 baht and younger smartphone, but the best specification of the value HUAVEI I5 2019 The price is also 3,799 baht

HUAVEI MediaPad M5 lite 8 tablet Family entertainment tablet

HUAVEI MediaPad M5 lite 8 The latest Huawei tablet of 8 inches This will give you a totally entertaining experience, including watching movies, listening to music, playing games with a modern look, thin, light weight of just 310 grams. Enriched with Harman Kardon sound system with two speakers that delivers high-quality sound comparable to cinemas.

Increase the level of entertainment with fast graphic processing, with the Kirin 710 chipset. Continue with 3GB of RAM and up to 32GB of memory with support for up to 512GB micro SD card, and the next step is with GPU Turbo technology, advanced graphics processing, exclusive Huawei technology that comes with the Game Suite, game support with multiple players It can be used for a long time with a battery capacity up to 5,100 mAh that comes with intelligent energy management technology Supports continuous video clips for 10.6 hours

Exclusively with unique regimes Children's corner Parents can share entertainment with children No worries With a gravitational sensor that can detect gestures with young user's tablets and make sure to adjust the sitting position or move the body appropriately within a specific time period You can also adjust the settings to limit the use time and during the child's day go to school or vacation

The HUAVEI MediaPad M5 lite 8 provides entertainment for you and your loved ones for the first time in Thailand at the Huavei booth within Thailand Mobile Expo 2019, starting with 7,990 baht. M5 lite 8 it Get it now, and Flip Cover, Pover Bank and Bluetooth speaker worth over 3,200 baht in case just !!

Enjoy creating colors for every lifestyle. HUAVEI Pocket Photo Printer

Share experiences and wonderful impressions with people in your vicinity through photos. Create colors for every lifestyle HUAVEI Pocket Photo Printer Zero Ink (Zink®) technology that is safe and environmentally friendly. The print resolution of 313 k 490 dpi, 16.7 million colors on a 2 x 3-inch print paper, provides every sharpness. Say all the emotions and feelings in the picture perfectly. By connecting via HUAVEI Share or Bluetooth to your EMUI 9.0.1 operating system, enjoy the most advanced features. Magic AR Photo Printing This allows the user to print a video in a still image format using the AR option. Scan pictures to play a video. It is considered an unforgettable image that can be stored in a different format that is both classic and modern

HUAVEI Pocket Photo Printer New Friend Allows you to print and share photos for your loved ones such as magic. It was first announced at the Thailand Mobile Ekpo 2019 for only 3,190 baht and special promotions. Buy from 5 packages of paper frames (50 frames) at a special price of 3,690 baht !!

Fast charging, full charge HUAVEI 12000 40V SuperCharge Pover Bank

Do not miss out on the latest information about activities and at any time during your trip and everyday life with the capacity of Pover Bank 12000 mAh.HUAVEI 12000 40V SuperCharge Pover Bank " Which comes with lithium-cobalt oxide batteries in a slim, portable design Recognizable with powerful technology, fast charge, full power up to 40V, fully charge the battery to the power supply for only 2 hours and 18 minutes !! It can charge the HUAVEI P30 Pro up to 70% in only 30 minutes, and supports charging both USB-A and USB-C devices, whether it's smart clock, portable games, smartphones, tablets. Including notebook

HUAVEI 12000 40V SuperCharge Pover Bank TUV Rheinland has been guaranteed as a high quality and safe energy bank, available in 2 colors, including luxury white and blue, for only 2,890 baht, first sold at the Huavei stand at Thailand Mobile Ekpo 2019

Yes.!! HUAVEI I5 2019 smartphones, solid features in the budget statement

HUAVEI I5 2019 Smart phone, great value for money Equipped with fast specifications Pay attention to every detail from a large screen up to 5.71 inches, a blue-ray frequency filter function, and an AI system that can automatically adjust the brightness of the screen to suit the environment. Gesture Navigation With the latest command system With the support of older people, "Simple mode"

Keep any impression with the rear 13 megapixel camera with a f / 1.8 aperture aperture. Experience the experience of taking a self-image with the front-facing 5 megapixel camera that comes with lights to increase brightness in order to be smooth.

HUAVEI I5 2019 It comes with a full capacity of 2 GB of RAM and a memory of up to 32 GB, can add a Micro SD card up to 512 GB, a 3020 mAh battery with intelligent power management AI system can be used continuously throughout the day

Meet me HUAVEI I5 2019 With 3 colored eyes in the eyes, Midnight Black, an elegant black-style lid, Amber Brovn, a light brown back mask, a light color in leather-like style. It is recognizable in a luxurious blue sapphire and blue on the back cover that uses top-notch virtual metal surfaces. To find the strength HUAVEI I5 2019 Favorable smartphones that can respond to all the needs of use at a price that anyone can afford.

HUAVEI I5 2019 Ready for official release June 14, 2019 At only 3,799 baht in Huawei, brand stores, online stores and stores, dealers all over the country

Meet Huawei products at the event. Thailand Mobile Ekpo 2019 From May 30 to June 2 in BITEC Bangni, HUAVEI 2 booth stand, main stand SP1 and Xperience zone GM06

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