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I'm not sure if this is the case.


I'm not sure if this is the case.

Theater Red Tania Vachirabanchong Vodi cast At this point, Iaia Ras Drug Industry, Ken Phu Landscape Interviewed at the 400 million movie festival, Nakai 2 to exceed expectations. And updating sickly Director Aof Pong Pat The first one we travel with.
Would be Red "NAKA 2 is very successful, it must be from people who give us strength, we do not think we will come to this point, but with the eyes of the public that have emerged since the first day." We were as amazed at how much we had to thank all the media. We support Thailand and the future. "

Revenue exceeded our goal?
Red "Oh, that's too much We are very happy every day From the first day to 50 million is very surprised We know that Thai films are light and the economy is not good But this income we feel is encouraging It's time for the future of Thai films to have"

This is the first time I told you this.
Red – "He will be asking every day when he will be sent, maybe a hit, two hits, still not asleep, I was looking for a movie or not, I'm afraid you'll lose it, I just want to repay you from the beginning. The problem is, I realized how to make more income, but enough to come today, I can walk (laughter), if it's income, 1,000,000,000 (Laughs) relaxes and worries well, do you think development is so fast? "

Ask actors every 100 million actors?
iaia – "I'm very happy in this life, I've never seen people waiting in front of the movie to watch a movie, a nice day at the cinema, and he told me that he was waiting for Duan 2, which is very pleasant, I think this will not work. they invited me to get involved in this. "

How do you know that?
Ken "People are very similar to rows, from teenagers to elders, I asked him if he had never visited a mall before, he came to see first, but not a lot of people alone."

How do you feel when you watch this movie in Thailand?
Ken – "Thank you very much for the team. I'm glad to be successful."
Benefit – "I do not know how to say it. I think the feeling is not the same with everyone, happy, surprised, proud and surprised."

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Will this be evil?
Red "At that time, there were only 200 million, and I was supposed to make a podium for you, now for the story. Anyone who came to see Naga 2 deserved credit with us."

Increasing to 1000 million?
Red "If that's the case, then we dance (laughs). I do not know what to do.

Fans look for the third part, will they?
Red "I do not know what to say, but I have to wait for good news, I do not know what to say, but I do not know what to do." is very familiar, but the limbs are not very good. "

What is this?
Red "It's good to talk and breathe." "I do not know what to do," the doctor says, "The hand is the hardest thing, because the muscles are fine, but that should be good." Because of his mind, he asked to attend today. He told me that he wanted to thank the staff and the actor, he continued to follow him, he told me soon, but we do not underestimate him, and he works physically every day.He Hospital Hospital is still solid, acupuncture, massage, compression and a lot. What is happening, it feels better, it will do it. But ask if it will return to a hundred percent. We can not say. it will be as much as possible, it is a mirror for fighting every day, many poems about the old record open every day, as a holiday I do not want to wear "

Can we relax?
Red – "It's a little tense because we work together, but now it's a lot better But it has to be a cook at home I have to walk alone to walk If it falls it's roll Do not underestimate It was thin because it was fat Because the doctor was not Do not make high sugar. I felt that weight was 5 kilograms, but it started to move. It looks like it's coming back. "

The Aof Pong Pat He first appeared in the celebration of the 400 million movie revenue of Nami 2, and then thanked the staff on the scene. "First, I want to say that my life is a dream. But this job is successful because we have honest people and talents to help. The first person to thank was Nicholas and Ken Tate, lead actor Eid Puffi Cotton, then another photographer who made the picture to meet our needs. I do not know what to do. It's a costume, ink, art, then M PICTURES and then the last hand of CGI and our team. CGI can not deny this earlier. This is the CGI of Thailand. We are all impressed in this work. People ask why people watch movies, why it's because of the intentions of all of us."

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