Thursday , August 11 2022

Launch AIS eSports Send new experiences to Thai players throughout the year.


AIS, a renowned network provider, launches AIS eSports, bringing 4 key strategies to support a full range of Thai gaming and eSport industries through products, content, tournaments and academia.

AIS last year sent Thai players to the world stage in the AIS Thai PVP Championship, and today AIS continued with AIS eSports by GamingDose. Interesting and relevant to our readers as follows

Home Internet package AIS Fiber eSports


AIS knows that the key factor in competing and playing e-sport is the Internet that is good enough to send AIS Fiber eSports to meet specific players.

  • Separate the bandwidth of the pipe, play games outside the Internet pipeline in the home, in order to increase the efficiency of use for playing games in particular.
  • Hunting Latenci or Ping
  • The upload speed is the same as the download speed.
  • Packet Speed ​​300/300 Mbps
  • Get free public IPv4 for the best performance of the game that is optimized.
  • 990 baht fee per month

ESport package for teenagers and students from AIS Zeed

Not only home Internet, but also AIS has announced promotions that support mobile games

  • It also supports a monthly system, a refill system and a On Top system.
  • Play games without additional internet fees.
  • It supports PUBG Mobile Games, ROV, Free Fire, Ragnarok and much more in the future.

Selling eSports products to AIS Online Store


AIS joins J.I.B., the leading provider of IT equipment.

  • Prepare for the sale of IT equipment for players such as Gaming Gear, Gaming Phone and Smart Device.
  • Many participants such as ASUS, Huawei, Honor, OnePlus, OPPO, Razer, Samsung, VIVO, Xiaomi and others

AIS Thailand eSports Ekpo

AIS is preparing to host its eSports exhibition on May 30 – June 2 at BITEC Bangni.

AIS and e-sport competition at the university level National and global

AIS will continue to compete in many games throughout the year. Starting with the PUBG Mobile Competition, send Thai agents to regional competitions Beginning this April

Not only PUBG Mobile, but also a list of games that are announced as follows.

  1. Dota 2
  2. PUBG
  3. StarCraft 2
  4. AOV (ROV)
  5. Mobile Legends
  6. Tekken 7

In addition, AIS has also partnered with many partners, including well-known universities and the Thai e-Sports Association, to support knowledge. Teaching courses related to games and e-sport, as well as encouraging Thai players to compete in many world class competitions. If there is an update to move, GamingDose will hurry to repeat it.

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