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Mourinho Mourinho! 5 issues Manchester United defeated Juventus


5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Jose Mourinho, manager of the Portuguese team. He shows that he is a true tactical consultant, because Juventus came in the H League Champions League H on Wednesday. It has a very strong mark. And I can react to Zebra soon.

More importantly, Mourinho has shown a sense in solving the game when it is a crisis and need a door. Sending players such as Marouane Fellini and Juan Mata to resolve the situation. The result is that two players are important for both doors which make "Red Jins" turn 2-1, and Juventus at this moment wins more knocks.

1. Flagged to Faietteville

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Again, the goddess is shown on Matoro Chooser. With a great match to send Foulley Foulley on the pitch, hoping that you will use the ball high enough to deal with the strong support of Juventus, and now I accept that this is a cool ticket "It works better than it was expected.

Obviously, no player from "Zebra" failed to play the ball in the air. Belgian midfielder And, most importantly, he at the last moment contributed to the stroke. When the ball clears the ball before the door Giorgio Chielelli misses the door.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Students of the "Red Army" started dreaming sweet moments. "Fergie Times" that the team often shoots at the end of the game. And now in the era of Mourinho. This team usually achieves goals over time. This match in the Derby of Manchester this weekend will see what is definitely.

2. Antoan Marsi plays the discipline.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

At that time, Antoni Daniel Marci became a child of Mourinho and has the opportunity to continue the setting. In the past. The damn pitcher FIFA failed to "disappoint" when he scored five goals from five previous games. At the match, Turin will not be able to shoot, but players can beat their opponents.

More than that, Murinho seems to give Marsel his. And it's good. Trying to speed up the endless destruction of the pace of the offensive game of Juventus, and sometimes the speed when "Red Devils" quickly returns.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Now Marci is very confident. And the trust of Mourinho believes that players will be able to draw on the existing potential. And most importantly, his performance seemed like Manchester United got a new shot. And there is an excellent apology.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo still plays well.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Although Juventus will not win, Cristiano Ronaldo still maintains a good standard of play. Although in the first half it may not be a good form. But it can be a turbulent game from Manchester United, but only to send the ball to the bottom of the net.

For the second half Captain of the Portuguese national team Show the top players when you participate in several games. And create opportunities for the team. Until he appeared as a superstar, the ball with a nice goal for the host that leads 1-0.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Ronaldo also creates opportunities for his colleagues. Especially from the moment he sent the ball to the court, Juan caught a raid, but opened fire, but the pressure was not focused on the ball, unfortunately, the ball crossed the ball. If the rhythm changes to the door. This is not the end of the drama.

4. Juan Mata's Shov!

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

If Fellini is a puzzle that is the point of Mourinho, then Juanita Mata is a trick that is "sent" to save the situation. Of course, this is not really a glory for the Spanish star. He can change the midfield pitch of Manchester United to look better than the lead.

The lack of Juve's resolution to enter the penalty area in the penalty area. It's like giving a large gift box to the Red Devil, and this Mata does not make fans of the "red devil" around the world disappointed. When the free kick broke the ball from Chii Chase's hand here at the bottom of the opponent in the last ten minutes.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

This is not the first time in a few weeks. He has a free kick. This was a reversal of the game that beat the Hell Nevcastle United league before the beginning of October.

This match is the first game in the last 5 matches in Mata Drop is a back-up copy. Otherwise, Mourinho wants to use Andre Herrera to hope that the middle of the field is tight. But when the situation is critical, sending Mate in order to recover the crisis is considered a valid decision. A real big damn dick.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Manchester United fans are hoping that this match at the Manchester Citi match, Mata will again be at Indi Stadium.

5. It's too ruthless.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Although he played with Juventus United and Manchester United in the first half, he is pretty close. But some people can see that the host has little advantage. Because they dominate the ball. But he can not work to put pressure on the game of "Red Devils" and has not done David de Kea to do much.

However, in the second half, Zebra began to dominate and dominate the game for a long time, but Manchester United will appear, but not terrible. It is expected that the host will lead Ronaldo, which gives them the advantage of many visitors.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

At the moment when the door was brought to Juventus, plus a result that added to the speed that Gvaledup's ball fell into the frame, but instead of slipping into Paolo De Palma, but returned to the panic that fired. Frustrating After a few minutes, "Heidio" sent the ball to Quadrado, but the pressure did not fall.

I have to say that during the host. They play carelessly. It rarely focuses, perhaps, because of the confidence that Manchester United may be difficult, but this is a good lesson for a team that Manchester United has as a "snake hawk" if you do not die, dead is the right to death! !

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

Mourinho is still the same.

Mourinho said before the game this is not a very important game. He believes that the team has the chance to throw a bookmaker from the last two games to meet Young Boys and Valencia, but at the end of the game, the match becomes "Full!

After finishing this match, Mourinho, who was in charge of Inter Milan, experienced nervousness in the Juventus nerves by hand to his ears and smiled as he entered the amphitheater. Pitch's performance was a blow to the fans, and Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus's defense attorney, expressed dissatisfaction over the "abduction" before being watched by tunnel guards.

5 points to defeat Manchester United Juventus

This behavior of Mourinho was made when he celebrated the success of the game. The Final of the Champions League in 2010, after finishing intercontinental Barcelona and defeating Victor Valdes, Dan threw it.

This event will be remembered at the event, Marco Iannick, Chelsea coach. Mourinho was thrilled with the "blue lion indigo" at the last moment won the rival. Come on now.

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