Thursday , June 17 2021

Open students for medical examination, drama # Chanthip Ian will use every donation of the bat for education

Open hearts for female students for medical examination But save money to buy an iPad for learning on your own Mother can tell everyone who doesn’t believe that you can come to the house at all.

From the case of an 18-year-old student in the province of Kalasin It appeared in the news in various media that Good study, but a poor house Have the money to stay at home, only 1,500 baht. The younger person was admitted to the Faculty of Medicine. Mahasarakham University Until the philanthropist donated until the fortune rose to 3.7 million baht, as the news has already stated

It turns out that there is a hashtag #chanathip in the online world, ready to criticize the news. Because I don’t believe that the mentioned student status is really bad as it is claimed. Because many abnormalities were found He discovered that the respondent used expensive things Brand perfume There is also a picture of a family taking a red car.

Last today (May 13, ’64), Mr. Somyate Tengmongkol, Kalasin County Sheriff The official traveled with his family to investigate facts about the online community in which there was much suspicion, while Walt regretted what was said about the devices that appeared on the news shown.

Who said that to Nong W. Now he still regrets what social media is facing, and there is a saying that bad things are not good. So he wanted to say that for a car that belonged to his sister-in-law’s sister, bought for his sister’s use, he could check if his sister’s real name was indeed. As for the perfume, he did not buy tens of thousands, as it was said, but he bought it with a hundred digits, and there was evidence of trade. His family did not have another house, there was only one house, after which 6 people lived together. But they do have iPads And he had no intention of hiding Because the day the reporter came to report, the first day he sent them to see what he had saved for himself Because it must be used in conjunction with online learning

The part that decides to buy an iPad is because it sees that it is a device that is versatile and durable. It can be used for many years. And the starting point is enough to pay in installments. As for the story, people are talking about selling the lottery. He said I sent it to my friend, but I hadn’t done it in a long time. What money he received donated, but did not use the bat, can be checked He would like to thank everyone who transferred money to him for help, for which he promises to use every penny to study until he ends up as a doctor to help society such as always dreamed of.

On the side, Mr. Somteen Tengmongkol, the sheriff of Kalasin County, said that in case the online world is the governor of Kalasin. There are concerns Therefore he ordered the sheriff to come to the area to re-examine it thoroughly Since the money donated in the amount may be in line with the objectives, he will now invite those involved, such as school principal Kalasin Phitthaiasan Teacher at home tutor Come and help be a counselor in allocating funds for the best educational benefits and transparency. Which will be questioned until the young man completes the course

Ms. Phromchan Mother W. He said that when he heard the news, he was sorry all the time and encouraged her daughter. He and her husband had a general career of employment only with money to support the family. When it comes to learning, children borrow money from school. When there is a need for help As for his family’s savings, he insisted that he really only had 1,500 baht that day, which he wanted a skeptical person to be able to come and look at the house. And thanks to all the benefactors who helped provide scholarships to Nong Volt so that the younger ones could graduate as doctors.

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