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Opening "Master Chef Season 3", strengthened

Back to create excitement and again double concentration for objects Master Master Thailand Season 3 " (MasterChef Thailand Senson 3) Heliconia with a culinary competition Find just one step Chief Chef Thai People 3 With a prize of 1 million baht

Since the application is open In order to allow interested parties to participate in the competition, there are thousands of people who are interested in participating in almost every channel. Or sending a snippet or a walk to individually register at the Culinary Arts School and Kulner Entrepreneur, 5th floor, the Emporium Shopping Center with a show cooking in front of the director Each of them has full commitment and confidence Hoping to enter a deep cycle, making each choice heavy "Pok-Piiathida" He carried out a transaction

Until an audition is held, finalists must face 3 directors. "Elder EngML Pasavat Savat, Chef Pom – ML Kvanthip " And "Chef Ian-Phongthavat" With the problems that the directors have prepared for everyone to prove that skill is good enough or not to grab the apron

Follow the party. Finding ordinary people with love for cooking With extraordinary skills to get in Master Chef Thailand Season 3 Broadcast first ribbon on Sunday, February 3 at 18.20 On Channel 7, Color HD.

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