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Reduce the number of women, 56 years, take the first number of cases COVID in Samut Songkhram Meet her husband to take the fish in front of Talad Thai

Reduces wife, 56, gets first number of COVID cases in Samut Songkhram Meet her husband to take fish in front of Talad Thai Who also found 3 additional infections working in a seafood processing company

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At 8.50 pm on 24 January 64, COVID-19 Center Samut Songkhram Province Detection of the situation with COVID-19 (New Outbreak) that 3 more newly infected patients were confirmed at the hospital.

Of that, there was one death. Number 42 was a woman, 56 years old, bedridden. Villagers in Iee San sub-district, Amphava district, Samut Songkhram province Died before treatment

In which from 1 month fragments of the patient are sick and can not walk Moving hands can grab everything Daily life in the house alone The history of the patient has had a stroke since the beginning of December. You have a congenital disease that is an attack Received for treatment at Somdai Hospital Phra Phutthlertla all day, November 30, ’20, CT was received at Somdai Hospital on January 21, 64, due to compression, shortness of breath, call 1669. Take him to Somdai Hospital for resuscitation and intubation. Later, the patient died.

Dates 10.-20. January 64. During the day, every day, the patient will live alone in the house. His son and daughter-in-law went to work in a building material store in Samut Province Songkhram As for the late husband Try to pick up fish on the road in front of Talat Thai

Patients called to order food from a restaurant in the village that was delivered to the fence. He did not enter the house Because the patient’s fierce dogs The patients are always at home and cannot walk away. And he didn’t talk to anyone. Or someone often visited the house

Considered a patient with COVID-19 First death of Samut Songkhram province Two close contacts at home and relatives’ homes were tested at Somda Phra Phutthlertla Hospital, Samut Songkhram on January 24, ’64, awaiting results.

The 43rd case is a 51-year-old woman from the village, a villager from Iee San County, Amphava County.

And the 44th case is a 19-year-old woman who is a resident under the district of Laem Yai Samut Songkhram City Occupation: Staff of a seafood processing company, Bang Khan Tak sub-district, Mueang Samut Songkhram district also

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