Friday , May 7 2021

South Korea will start coronavirus vaccination for Olympic athletes

Seoul, April 29 – South Korea has begun vaccination against the first coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19, for approximately 100 athletes and coaches attending the Tokyo Olympics today. Although the vaccination program did not meet the set goals due to the lack of vaccines

The Korean Sports and Olympic Committee (KSOC) said that about 100 South Korean athletes and coaches competing in the Tokyo Olympics will be vaccinated against COVID-19 today, and about 500 will be injected. Vaccination during the first week of the previous month before leaving for Tokyo . More than 900 South Korean athletes, coaches and staff are expected to be vaccinated, of which 598 athletes and coaches will be vaccinated by Pfizer. The time interval between the first and second injection is only 2-3 weeks and it is less likely to affect the physical condition of the athlete. Compared to the vaccine against AstraZeneca, which is given to teams older than 30, the organizers of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 did not force athletes to be vaccinated. But the recommended injection of the Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 23 to August 8, after the postponement from the previous year. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19

Meanwhile, South Korea said authorities injected the first dose of the vaccine into nearly 2.7 million of the 52 million people, which is only 4 percent, while the United States has a high vaccination rate of 41 percent of the total population of 328 million. With 680 new cases of HIV infection, a cumulative number of more than 121,300 infected and more than 1,800 deaths, the authorities will take into account the HIV / AIDS rate in the coming days to adjust abstinence measures. Is social distance used or not? – Thai news agency

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