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The 100MV Solar Public awakens the market for solar panel paraphernalia manufacturers

The market for solar panels is waiting for children, and energy has been announced by the pilot. "Solar people" 100 MV Oct. "B.Grimm-Delta" believes consumers will gather on the roof of the solar deck, indicating the two Both save energy bills – increase revenue Sell electricity Installation cost after 3-5 thousand baht

Journalists "Prachachat Business" reported that after dr. Sirichiraphongphan, Minister of Energy Together with the manufacturer and distributor of solar panels Starting a solar energy production project According to the new 2018 development plan for the country (PDP 2018), which requires the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to prepare a public project for a solar experiment. For households that do not exceed 100 MW by 2019, finding that people will sell excess electricity back to the EGAT and Metropolitan Electricity Authoriti (MEA) and the Provinces om Authority for Electricity (PEA)) The purchase price of surplus electricity is not more than 1.68 baht / unit purchase period is over 10 years old.

Which ERC will hold a hearing on the draft regulation on electricity purchase March 16 – April 1. Then the Electric Power Company of Thailand will open the registration and accept the project proposal in May – July 2019, the first came to serve the format with the announcement of the candidate list Signing the Electricity Purchase Agreement (COD) for completion in October.

Dr. Siri said that currently in Thailand, a solar cell of 3,449 MW (December 2018) has been installed, consisting of a solar farm, photovoltaic solar roofs and various government projects that the Ministry of Energy promoted and supported the production of electricity from solar energy. 3.250 MV was installed from the solar energy generation target of 6,000 MW according to the PDP 2015 plan, the remaining 2,750 MW, and later a PDP 2018 plan was developed. The goal of solar power generation is another 12,725 MV for 18 years. The façade is divided into two parts: a solar power plant of 10,000 MV and EGAT in a solar energy production project on floating floats of 2,725 MV.

The solar cell market is furious.

Ms. Preeianart Soonthornvatha, President of the Group for the Production of Electricity The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and Executive Director B.Grimm Pover (BGRIM) said that the policy to promote public sector production is clear, resulting in people turning to installing panels. Sola Roof Top is definitely more. Because it has 2 benefits, that is, electricity savings From the initial purchase of electricity to production and use, and many companies that produce and sell solar panels have promotions for free installation. And give another discount on electricity A and sell electricity surplus produced for electricity With an extra income of 1.68 baht per unit of the original without any conditions here It is therefore an opportunity and a choice of people

In addition, the Solar Roof Top promotion helps promote businesses involved in equipment such as energy storage systems (ESSs) to grow in line with global technology evolution trends. Cheaper equipment Which private electricity producers have to admit that it's impossible to ban people installing solar roofs. So we need to adjust and look at the transmission system about whether there is a problem or not, but the installation policy of this solar deck is not everything for free. Because the state has the conditions to use it for the house and only allow a surplus of capacities. Therefore, it is observed that the amount of electricity surplus to be sold in the system should not be much higher, probably no more than 100 MW according to the goal with the restrictions in the installation process and Different factors, including size, roof strength.

Ms. Preeianat said that BGRIM also sold the solar roof. With 80 MW domestic and international buyers, which is a high average annual growth rate but still has a share of less than 5% of the total capacity of electricity production of 3,000 MW. The majority of 70% is electricity in the congress power plant. The rest is renewable energy, such as 140 MW of domestic solar energy and 677 MW of investments in Vietnam, not counting the electricity produced from wind energy that is invested in the country and abroad. Most Solar Roof Top customers are educational institutions, warehouses and department stores such as Icon Siam, one of B.Grimm's clients. What sees that this market is not yet the main market of B.Grimma due to great competition

Price 2-5 thousand baht / back

It reports from the Customs Administration The number of imported solar panels in January 2019 amounted to 902,181 units, it was reduced from January 2018, when 1,807,890 units were imported, valued at 82.4 million baht, an increase from the previous year in value of 57.03 million baht. It consists of NMB-Minib Thai Co., Ltd., Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Compani Limited, Fabrien Co., Ltd., Rome Semiconductor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) The reason for the import has been reduced. Due to more production in Thailand

G. Prapanath Sattaia, Senior Field Engineer, Delta Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (DELTA) said that the company manufactures, imports and distributes a solar inverter. Energy converters used in combination with solar panels Which imported more from the production base in China last year Because the market grew well But at the beginning of the year, all companies postponed imports to wait to see the PDP's clarity. It is expected that, after the government has a policy to promote public solar production, it will be more motivated for installation. In order to save electricity from purchasing 3-4 baht per unit, also to sell surplus electricity as revenue

For the production and installation of equipment, one house will not exceed 10 kilowatts, on average 4-5 kilowatts, and costs 30,000 – 50,000 baht.

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