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2019 Kadir Gecesi Messages: When will Kadira's Night Come True? Here's the meaning and significance

Tomorrow is one of the brightest days of the year, the night Kadir Kur Kadir Night, Kur'an according to the Islamic faith, Allah through the Prophet through the Prophet. Muhammad, the night that began to reveal, Muslims are considered to be the most important night of the year, which today wants to estimate the most beautiful path. Fasting days are held and prayers are observed at night. You can share this special day with your loved ones with the most beautiful Kadr Night messages.


The night Kadr is mentioned in the Quranic of the five verses contained in the period of Mecca and ninety-seventh surely Kur'ana. This Surat al-Kadr was said to be Kur'an, since the night of the Qur'an was discovered. Kadir, eref honor honor and amet honor. So. He stated that he sent Kur'an in the night of Kadr, and that this night was better than a thousand months. In Qur'an verse 185, it is clearly understood that the night of Kadr was in Ramadan month, when Kur'an was proclaimed to be taken over in the month of Ramadan.

It is mentioned in the Qur'an of the Night of Kadr in Qur'an:

1. We indeed sent Kur'an at night of power.
2. What is the night in the night, how will you know?
3. A night of power, better than a thousand months.
4. That night, with the permission of His Lord, the angels and the Spirit descend to every work.
5. This night is full of peace. To the birth of Ta Fajer.


It's a special day I remember people I forgot, and not the day I remember, but the people I love. May our blessed one be blessed with a prayer to be the Prophet (sas.) Who says, "I will not go to heaven without my loved ones."

The valley of Irmak, sevda more, prayer comes from the heart. I made you share a prayer in my heart. Do not deny me prayers. The peace of your friend gives peace and love, and the smile on the face of the Prophet comes from the Prophet. May the life of my Lord give peace to his heart. Blessed in the night of power.

I hope to live in my Lord's life, prayers, to pray to others and to pray for others who accept prayer of hope. Goodi Kandil.

Your table is delicious, your money is fruitful, your decisions are correct, your home is friendly, your heart is sympathetic, your body is healthy, your face is happy, your candle is happy.

One night when the wind stole his violin and the drops of rain hit him constantly, he could lie on his bed, and I want you all the beauty he said.

Blessed Blessed are you to celebrate your night, I hope that everything will be as you pass. May your blessed be blessed.

Open the door of the flood of grace and abundant rains, torrents of the day will take you to the family a drop of desires.

With the light of the past, the light and the shadow of light, the light, the shadow of light, the grief of sorrow, the anger of love for the beautiful candles.

Tonight, with the love of Allah, return as Mevlana, when he is prone to peace, he is poor tonight. Happy Birthday.

In the eyes of the most glamorous eyes, in the ears of the sweetest words, in the palms of all happiness and the happy blessings of endless love.

The candle is permanent, the friendship of love never ends, perhaps still, perhaps tired, even happier, but still loving, beautiful candles.

O shelter of the unfortunate, O power of power, o pilgrim therapist, O path to guide the way! O O helpless cure! and of the throne of the throne, who behaves in every prayer!

Forgive us in the night of the Cuban Night, forgive us Rabbi!

O God of us, the message of the night of power, you are full of spirit and defect, horror, faith and behavior! Make our deepest and wealth with our knowledge and ackuis, as well as our wealth, soul saffet and our sacrifice.

And Ilaheeminl-world! You are always determined to stay away from all the dirt, physical and physical wishes that are programmed for us, the heart and the life of the soul, and always awake against the wishes of the body and the body. God, you always want to remove the right to remove, the property and the angelic world to hear what it feels like about the euphoria of other people and eugen in God!

Oh, Lord! You can be me, be patient and cautious, speak and create sounds, but faith and action that lives what they believe in and what are examples of others, what they do.

God, you run us without stopping, Hak 's walking towards those who teach the preceding walk, the inner world, and always burns like quarries and burns, which never acted like gamut rakhar; Eternal life and burned in the souls of those who did not think that the hearts of the earth will always bless the souls of slaves who bless their souls I Rabies!

O Allah, who never put his hands on the rising hands! Our target is always tila. Let's be people of faith, who are tied to the right side and are constantly progressing, and constantly shaken. We always run as a master until we reach our Matlubumuze; Let's not get into any expectation that we will win Ia Rabbi!

So think of the truth that is so honest that we can sit and stand and replace the right to the earth and we can easily renounce all of our desires and desires when it comes to your memory.

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