Wednesday , July 6 2022

3 serious dangers caused by eating disorders


Psychologist Simaj Arslan; More than 90 percent of eating disorders occur in people under 25 years of age and are more often seen in young girls, he said.

Simai Arslan, a psychologist who pointed out that 5 out of 100 adolescents face this problem, explained three serious dangers caused by eating disorders and made important warnings and suggestions:


In the adolescence period, fatigue weight loss and weight loss with weight loss, prepares therapy for the emergence of eating disorders. Young people who have eating disorders are impatient and try to reduce their anxiety too much, but they crave after eating. Feelings of sadness, discomfort and aesthetic image feel as a result of acting in the diet increases by increasing concentration disorders, feel as if something bad will happen, sleep problems, the inability to control anxiety and various physical symptoms.

Research shows that malnutrition affects the person's personality disorder. Anxiety disorder can be caused by basic health problems. Anxiety disorder is more difficult to control the emotions of a person, making it difficult to deal with episodes in eating.


The most common psychiatric disorder associated with diarrhea is depression. Sometimes depressed youngsters have eating disorders and sometimes eating disorders can cause depression. Depression can be short or long-lasting with many symptoms such as a feeling sad, tired, desperate, feeling unstable, sleeping more or less, was not able to enjoy the activities he had previously enjoyed, concentration disorders. It should be kept in mind that depression that is experiencing adolescence negatively influences the development of an individual. It is also difficult to treat eating disorders without treating depression. So much that depression slows down the metabolism and complicates diet.


Eating disorders affect many organs in the body and their functioning negatively. This is why medical problems arise. There are diseases such as digestion, cardiovascular system disorders, menstrual irregularities, anemia, bone resorption and dental caries. Eating disorders can also lead to life-threatening illnesses! It is necessary to start the therapy before it comes to the risk of life. Parents should always monitor the behavior of their adolescents and their attitudes in the diet, and if they notice a difference, they should ensure that they receive appropriate help before they become a psychological disorder.


• Anorexia Nervosa young people starve to lose weight, but to lose weight, but still have an overweight and I still refuse to starve.

• The food in Bulimia Nervoza becomes the center of life. After excessive vomiting, vomiting, drug use, self-withdrawal is observed. Their weight is usually normal.

• Congestion disorder continues at least once a week for a period of three months, and allows a person to get out of control and act for too short a time. This unbalanced increase or loss in a pound opens the way for serious hazards.

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