Sunday , October 2 2022

A decree for a doctor is issued by a decree


The article was re-discussed in the commission. In addition to the contracted institutions with SSI doctors, the work regulated by the private sector was rejected. New graduates who can not be set up for the security investigation will be able to work in private sector organizations.

ARTICLE 5 PROPOSAL AK Party accepted

After the negotiations, Article 5 of the proposal was accepted with the AK proposal. Accordingly, members of the public who were dismissed from public office because they were members of a structure, formation or group, or were associated with them, found that the National Security Councils (NSCs) were active against the national security of the state. works in health care institutions or practice without a contract with a security institution.


However, those who are discharged from public office and those who are not in the public service due to the security investigation will not be able to perform their profession during the duration of the state deadline established for the first group district centers from the date when the decision was not made to be removed or removed. In fulfilling the obligation of the state, the service deadline for those who are discharged from the public office will be reduced from this period. Their reports will not be based on court decisions and administrative procedures.

With the amendment, doctors who were not in charge of the safety investigation were excluded from the scope of this regulation and enabled them to work in all private health facilities.

What covers the article?

According to Article 5 of the offer for health care of bags, doctors who have been expelled from membership or belonging to terrorist organizations can only work in institutions that do not have a contract with the Social Insurance Institute or open a practice. Their reports will not be based on court decisions and administrative procedures.

The article has made a change. Those who did not pass the security investigation were excluded. In this group, SSI will work in private institutions.

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