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A Turkish doctor is developing a new technique for Operation Achilles Tendon


A Turkish doctor is developing a new technique for the Achilles tendon surgery
Operation Achilles tendon for 1.5 hours ends the operation in 15 minutes
Whop. Doctor Tansel Mutlu:
"We developed our own technique with one needle"
"Safer and healthier than open operations"
"Double-curved closed surgery, patient recovering for a short time"

KARABUK – Karabuk University Hospital Training and Research Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Op. The Doctor New technique developed by Tansel Mutlu reduced the chin tendon operation to 15 minutes with closed surgery.
Especially after the injury caused by the achilles tendon rupture, known as injury to the football player, he developed an open operation in the world with a closed and one needle technique. Tansel Mutlu, said the recovery process is shorter.
She has worked as an instructor at the University of Karabuk University School of Medicine for four years and works at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology Karabuk Training and Research Hospital. Dr. Tansel Mutlu said that they have applied their techniques to more than 100 patients.
"We have developed our own technique"
He said Achilles' tendon was the strongest tendon of the human body. Sudden breaks occur with small trauma called chronic irritation. For a long time we developed our technique on the Achilles tendon, which is why we have a lot of problems with open surgery, the wound is formed, the wounds are not closed and the patient is struggling with pain for a long time. about 30 days to prevent a patient from moving to prevent congestion caused by a fatal incident in our lungs, escaped to a deadly event. we do not interfere with the movement of the trail, "he said.
"Let's do this with one needle in 15 minutes"
According to the technique used by the surgeon in open surgery, the technique lasted 1-15 hours, with its developed technique which reduced to 15 minutes. The advantage is that we use individual needles, closed techniques, a set of auxiliary materials and specially developed needles, without the need of a doctor in service conditions, this operation can be brought to a state that does not mean that the operation is simple. time, three weeks after softening the tendon can catch the toe, while in our technique we developed more than an additional node in the technique to prevent this relaxation. Thanks to that, let the patient move, "he said.
"We proved with a biomechanical study"
He also expressed confidence in his technique and proved his technical strength.
"We made a biomechanical study at TOBB University, we compared the tendons and operations in the medical world with our own technique. We noted that our technique is 1.5 to 2 times stronger. We applied this technique to over 100 patients, we proved that our the technique is safe and has scientific studies. I believe that this idea will change in relation to closed techniques. "

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