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Ambitious forecasting of Bitcoin from the founding partner of EOS

The market of the crypt of money left behind a good week. Bitcoin, who had a $ 3800 buyer on March 12, climbed to $ 4030 a week.

The largest crypto-currency continued with its flat rate of $ 3960 with a certain regression, while co-founder of EOS Brendan Blumer made an ambitious forecast.

Blumber, in his capacity to share his personal Twitter account, suggests that Bitcoin will replace gold as a leading asset in preserving value for 20 years.

The market value of gold is about 7 trillion. If Bitcoin replaces gold and has a market value of 7 trillion dollars, each Bitcoin will be worth 333 thousand dollars.

Blumber, referring to the question of whether the Bitcoin discussion of the mining algorithm PoV has a future for its followers, Lightning Netvork, a woman Most events will go to another scalable second layer of solution, but Bitcoin's awareness and liquidity will continue to increase. he said.

Blumber is not the only one who suggests that Bitcoin replace gold. By investing in Bitcoin in the early period, 2017, the price was $ 20,000, and in December, the Vinklevoss brothers, whose fortune exceeded $ 1 billion, had the same opinion. "We think Bitcoin will undermine the bottom," said Cameron Vinklevoss, who believes Bitcoin will cut interest in the yellow metal. When we look at monetary characteristics, we think it's better gold. Bitcoin's source is constant, which is better than scarce. It is more portable, replaceable, divisible and durable than gold

On the other hand, Apple co-founder Steve Vozniak also claimed that Bitcoin is better than gold and US dollars.


Litecoin continues to improve privacy while global acceptance increases. Litecoin support rose 4.3 percent in crypto currency circuits around the world in February. On the other hand, the Litecoin sub-unit, which was opened at Reddit in early 2012 as a sign that the community is expanding, exceeded 200,000 subscribers. Subreddit, which had two thousand subscribers two years ago, grew 10 times in two years.


TRON founder Justin Sun, in his speech at the Token 2049 conference in Hong Kong, explained what plans they have by the end of 2019. According to Sun, the BTT token will be available in BitTorrent Speed, for two months, BitTorrent Live will have a new look, and support for messages and gifts will come to the TRON-based USDT main network. A privacy feature similar to Zcash will be introduced.


Mozilla COO Denelle Dikon is appointed CEO of Stellar. Dickon said he was excited by Stellar's great vision aimed at discovering the world's economic potential, and that's what influences his decision to join Stellar.

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