Saturday , August 20 2022

Android K has been installed and complained (VIDEO)


google, a mobile operating system android & # 39;I'm still improving. Published yesterday Android K version of Google Pic 3 KSLWe have established and explained what changes in this video.

Google will be held in May Google I / O he began to wrap his sleeves for his activity. One of the biggest innovations is expected; Android K or in other words Android 10.

Android K has established, regretted!

The first beta version, released yesterday, can now be installed on limited phones. How to install, clicking here You can learn.

Without a waste of time, Google Pic 3 KSLThe operating system we installed was a little surprising. Instead of big changes, a new version of the software, which can be felt with very small changes, can be exciting. At least, if you are an ordinary user, not a mobile application developer.

It is time to turn the above article into a visual feast. In the video below, Android 10 our experience Share it.

Do you like the new Android version? For the innovations you are expecting, do not forget to share your feedback below.

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