Wednesday , May 25 2022

Apple makes $ 600 Bill at $ 6


The problem that affects Apple's TouchBar laptops is a discussion of recent company policies.

Apple MacBook, the source of the problem, the device turns on and off when the cable expires. Thanks to Apple's slim phase design, thin ribbon cables are used, and the screen exceeds a certain degree. The next video will tell you more clearly:

People who use one of the models that come with the MacBook Pro 2016 and later live. Apple products that experience this problem called ununlar Stage Light include:

  • MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2016, two ports for Thunderbolt 3)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, two Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, four Thunderbolt 3 ports)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)
  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)

Connection cables, which are the cause of the problem with the screen, are integrated with the screen. You just need to replace the screen and pay $ 600 when you can change the cables for only $ 6.

The rise in AppleCare's prices and the desire to increase Apple's revenue service suggests the question: Do they deliberately make bad projects? Although the Apple MacBook Pro keyboards are still very fragile, they're pretty expensive. For iPhone X, the back of the phone is very sensitive to damage.

Apple does not know battery stress. The company, accused of reducing the performance of its phones, accepted accusations and replaced batteries at a very low price.


Apple officially launched a photo contest

AppleCare currently generates revenue of $ 37.2 billion a year. Morgan Stanley expects this figure to reach 100 billion dollars in 2023. AppleCare is very important for Apple to continue its growth trend.

Here is an important question: Will Apple eliminate such design problems? The company has so far prevented third party repairs and has not worked hard to solve problems.

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