Tuesday , March 28 2023

Bloody execution taken in seconds


The incident happened today at a gas station in the neighboring street of Mustafa Kemal Ismail Sivri. According to the information, 27-year-old Umut Ozdemir, while standing at a petrol station, 21-year-old N.A. stabbed Ozdemir on the back for a reason that could not yet be determined. Employees at the petrol station who saw the incident, the situation was reported 112 health and police teams. Ozdemir, health teams coming at the invitation of the ambulatory hospital Seifi Demirsoi. Ozdemir was treated here, despite the fact that intervention could not be saved. The body of an unfortunate young man, after questioning the public prosecutor to carry out the autopsy of the mortuary of the Izmir Institute of Forensic Medicine, has been removed.


On the other hand, as part of an investigation into the incident, police teams began to capture the suspect N.A. In addition, teams at the site of the gas station for testing safety cameras. As a result of the study, N.A. Umut Ozdemir stabbed other moments in the picture. After the stroke Ozdemir, N.A. The police were caught by the police. Pritvor N.A. was taken to the Public Security Directorate of the Murder Kill Division.

The investigation is underway.

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