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Erdal Besikcioglu: We realize this before we're on the same boat


Actress Erdal Besikcioglu Besik I want our country to be better. We're all on the same boat, let's notice this first. We will decide where to join the road together. Bank When the dollar rose, I kept the money in the bank at the TL. I never thought about converting into dollars.

Famous actor Erdal Besikcioglu gave very specific explanations to GUNAIDIN. Besikcioglu said he was working for a military service in the southeast, "when I was in my nose at all times, knowing that we had already gone to the southeast," he said.

"I would say everything. more theaters " in the theater You are passionately connected. What is a theater? this is for you What makes it so special? I have never questioned it, but it does not make sense to the lives and feelings that you share with the audience on the scene. The theater can provide adrenaline so that nothing else can survive for me.


Money from television There are many names in the theater … what do you think about that?
Yes, I'm on TV. Money I'm investing in the theater. TV and theater Feeding the branch at the same time. Yeah while I took a break. In a series of industries aggravating conditions now my soul Do not remove. And sequence sequence long. Chairs 180 minutes to do it they spread the story. Cartelisation of the sector to want some companies does not want to shrink. Shortening the time Eliminate this thinking about the cartel Монтажний.

You're on television. You play. How are you describing? Well?
I see myself as an actor. He graduated from the Conservatory I'm a theater man with my friends. Do all the work not mortar. It works on TV be on stage things. Coach who is not a theater Maybe 30 people are against him, but 800 Can he play against a person? important the one who is. He can not play, his diaphragm is not enough. Once it can not be delivered, it can not inhale because. The players are as athletes. getting around You can not play on the stage. theater live performance. "Not a teacher, Do not take more "broken".

"Crazy with a memo book Theater on November 4 in Istanbul You invention. Your performance on the scene applaud in a few minutes …
It continues for 12 seasons. "Madam I remember a special game. That's why I'm still playing. The term described in the game is discussed in every way Downloads. Within the critique of that period but it does it's not From the diary of a man departure It speaks every aspect. Over one status house how the opposite You can also find it In Game, political relations of that period examined Too. Life Testing The game is actually.

Let's do it

TV world unforgettable signs Behzat C. & # 39; ii You've been playing for years. This project gives you the first offer when everything is fine I suppose Are you?
It would be an interesting job speculation, So great energy I started with. serdar Acara Acceleration and jak he allowed the directory to be liked. series according to the period a much larger audience on the Internet To her. And the audience is growing more and more.

Your military service is the most intense in the nineties, in the southeast. Have you ever gotten to death? Are you doing military service?
When I was doing my military term nose nos. Hakkari Iuksekova, I did military service in Cukurca and Daglica. You would not know where the bullet came from, my underground whether it is. I already know them I went to the army. My country is in the "southeast" you will do your military service, "he said, I am. If he said: "Die for your country, we will die." According to me, everyone in Turkey, mother or mother because she was born with love for her homeland This love inherited from her father. He meets us at the age of five. Turkish From what I think is from this era starts to understand. My mother is Albanian, My father Lazar, Republic of Turkey I'm a citizen and Turk Yeah. Within national borders each of us, as a citizen of our country Whatever you need to go on we have to do it.

We should not lose our light

You say that, but the dollar exits There. They say: "We are not on the same boat." A pity …
My dollar is growing I had money from Turkish lira at the bank and me Keep your money in Turkish lira I have a. I did not translate into dollars. I did not think. Better than our country I would love it all the time. On the same boat What do you mean, we did not? We are all on the same boat, Let's notice this before. the same We're on the boat, where are we going? we will decide together. unity we have to lose meaning. Whether you vote for managers or not; I think the interests of Turkey and we have to protect. No other Turkey. No place to go. We are we live together we will continue to live. social art, sports and dialogue Keeping open channels is even better I believe we can bring it to the point. As an artist, for this, I am.


& # 39; Behzat C & # 39 ;. in a row illegal restructuring You introduced a cop. & # 39; Reaction & # 39; in the deep state playground …
Good in Behzat C. I played the police. In reaction In ancient Turkey deep state which represent "DaiI". The presence of this character too bad However, I liked it. artist each role should play. social pledge if there are any. society quality of life to increase If there are criticisms should work. Artist ideology they should not belong to any ideology. Maybe in the past artists to ideology they feel but now 21 Veka. Every period It's funny to say my mind. Truth, your morale You should say.
There is no such thing as it happens on TV

Negative conditions in player set Do you think that does not affect performance?
There is no such thing as the players in the series did. The director has the performance. Soon You can not do anything on the screen. alone and You'll stop again. He works on television There is no such thing as development. But if you do, you can not go beyond it. That's why great girls in the industry series, handsome men, fast memorization They choose the players who speak. Retirement as soon as possible They are interested.

Let's go to the southeast

What are you doing in the southeast military service What have you left most?
I gave you the opportunity to fulfill your duty. I had two more friends with me. One was a calligrapher, the other was a brilliant economist, graduated from the University of Yale. While in office in Daglica, we and our friend were looking at the school. Terrorists took the school and killed our friend. It was wisdom to contribute to our country, but the night was a victim of terror. He impressed me with his death and left his mark. We already died that year in the southeast.

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