Tuesday , May 30 2023

Fikret Orman & # 39; day description of the event: Ibrahimovic …



The number of employees in community clubs in Spain 486, while in Turkey 3 states that the forests said: "The illness is treatment, you have to accept the problem diagnosis, I have to go to the treatment of the disease safely, everyone agrees The problem of where has come to the last time I have to start treatment I have to start treatment There are 3 Turkish players in England: cenk, Ilkai and Masood All Germany has been able to capture athletes from Turkey through action in the prolongation must be a course of treatment. came from a very difficult process. I did not get a club from Besiktas from exactly you Palate Dolmabahce, I have already bought from the court of the Čaglaian court more than 450. From here you can bring these financial successes, sell players, build a stadium from your own sources and go in a good position with UEFA. The second point of view: where are the coins? When you do not win the event going to the second point. "

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