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Galaki S10 battery is on the agenda!

Quick introduction to the world of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S10 An error has occurred. The question in question Battery life Galaki S10 In fact, this is vital.

When smart phones arrive for the first time, they come up with some problems. After that, companies are slowly removing these update errors. The problem with the Galaki S10 battery is one of such mistakes. An error discovered, Galaki S10 screen even when it is not turned on, the display shows that it is turned on and is charging an additional fee.

The cause of the battery error Samsung Galaki S10

Touch for Vake The application's error works directly as a filling monster.

The recommendation came from the company's side regarding the problem of the mainboards batteries. samsung for now, Always on the screen i Touch for Vake said closing applications. Of course, this solution is enough for users.

In the meantime USA Let's remind you that it's a release.

Smartphone users rightly pay high salaries and buy leading phones do not want any kind of mistake. It is extremely important that solutions to these errors are satisfactory.

You Problem with Battery Galaki S10 What do you think?

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