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Galatasaray; Istanbul beat BBSK and won the second consecutive win: 69:77 – Tahincioglu Basketball Super League news


Tahincioglu Basketball Super League 6th week Galatasaray, far Istanbul Buiuksehir BelediiesporHe won 77-69.

The orange-blue team, this result suffered a fourth defeat. The yellow-red team won a second win in a row.

The meeting started with reciprocal numbers. Hollovai found in the face of Istanbul Metropolitan Belediiespor basketball Haies from outer deaths, 5 minutes, 14-8 was superior. Maintaining an efficient game in the 7th minute with a two-digit (10-21) yellow-red team removal, the first quarter 25-13 is pre-finished.

Galatasaray started the second quarter with a series 7: 0 in the second quarter, with numbers he found as a quick attack and wore a difference of 19 points in the 12th minute: 13-32. Balancing the game, Istanbul Metropolitan Belediiespor, Semih Erden and Hollovai "recorded the bottom of the pot with a difference in the difference between the yellow-red team, the dressing room 44-34 was superior.

Galatasaray in the second half of the colored area is well defended, Goksenin Koksal "produced under the basket in a difference of 26 minutes in number 15 (42-57) pulled out. The yellow-red team, which maintained superiority with the number Arapović, entered the final period 61-52 superior.

In the last quarter of the defense fortification, Galatasarai, Hasan Emir Gokalp & # 39; nin basketball, 33 & # 39; again in double digits, 52: 63. Hollovai on indoor and outdoor footage with the number of Istanbul metropolitan Belediyespor, number 4 (69:73 ) in 39 minutes to reduce points with the help of Galatasaray Galatasaray, left the win 77:69.

Tahincioglu Basketball Super League – Istanbul Buiuksehir Belediyespor: 69 – Galatasaray: 77

Lounge: Cebeci

Referees: Ali Serkan Emlek, Kaan Buiukcil, Polat Parlak

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipalities: Hollovai 25, Mert Cevik, Kulig 11, Sabahattin Can Gondur, Semih Erden 18, Ali Berent Kavaklioglu, Mert Gizir 3, Ramazan Tekin, Babic 7, Minchev 5

Galatasaray: Webster 13, Goksenin Koksal 11, Harrison 16, Haies 13, Auguste 8, Caner Erdeniz 3, Ege Arar 2, Erol Can Cinc 2, Hasan Emir Gokalp 4, Arapovic 5

Period 1: 13-25

Circle: 34-44

3. Period: 52-61


Before the meeting, the Great Leader Ataturk was referred to eternity on the 80th anniversary.

On the other hand, players from Istanbul Metropolitan Belediiesporlu and Galatasaray came to the competition with a banner written "Remember our ancestor with capture and respect."

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