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Goksel Gumusdag commented after the MHK interview

President Medipol Basaksehir Goksel Gumusdag, TFF Beilerbeii objects were found after the opening.

Gumusdag renewal to support this facility The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), President Hosni thanked GUREL, and TFF-former President Jildirim Demiroren said, "Yesterday the President of the Central Arbitration Committee, and this is our request to meet with the delegation." Today we also conducted an interview with Courtesi visit and about the new workspace We wanted success in the last 6 weeks, especially in the last six weeks, especially after two games, and there were a lot of changes in the game, and Besiktas is now champion of the Champions League. I still want to say that 5 points exam ed and that the biggest candidate championship in the last 6 weeks of the league, "he said.


Gumusdag, vice president of Galatasaray Abdurrahim Albairak "We have pictures and sound recordings. Stating that they have filed a criminal complaint against the champion, "I gave a statement to the Main State Prosecutor's Office yesterday and filed a criminal complaint with the manager of Galatasaray.We have the documents we have." This is a very heavy charge, we are not beneath it, no club, the club can get to the documents and voice recordings that have been reached by Galatasaray. The Basaksehir football club was out of the top 4 in the last 4 years and was a stability team in the last 4 years, a 5-point team in front of the league, the team with the smallest number of goals in Europe was not TFF's, MHK & Basaksehir football club with the expression of this term, worn out, nobody creates a sense of perception We used this right TFF's waiting for an answer We asked the General Public Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul to investigate the case immediately Our legal advisors People who represent this community can not use these statements, and if he does, he is behind it. Share documents, voice recordings and pictures in public. Otherwise, apologize to Basaksehir. Prosecutors and federations are waiting for an answer, "he said.

Galatasarayev VAR answer! He uploaded pictures


Abdurrahim Albairak said that Mustafa Cengiz, president of the club, said that he had not met with Silver, "I did not talk to anyone, everything is so transparent, we also do not know." "Four years ago, the champion was clear why Galatasaray was last year?" dangerous and funny things I do not stay underneath. I am waiting for the answer to this statement, "he said.


President Gumusdag stressed that VAR records can not be shared with clubs and added: "Records can not be shared with clubs according to IFAB rules. We asked, var Can not share such things, they are not derived from the law, these are not words to be swallowed .

MHK President Sabri Celik will hold a press conference

"We can not say the wrong assessment by the judges

The judges are aware of the wrong match that Goksel Gumusdag reports, "the referees make a mistake with us. But Palabıiık was a referee who played with the same opponent at the start of the league. I can not say he was a bad guy because he was locked in our game, I can not to say that I am a football man, because then I would only express Basaksehir. "I thought of Allah. Everyone has to respect, but everyone has to respect each other. There was a nice fight against Besiktas. Besiktas played better than Besiktas. "We have to run."

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