Tuesday , May 30 2023

Hulia Kocigit's fifth puck! – News


Hulia Kocigit, who was in charge of chairing the Culture and Arts Policy Committee in Sultanahmet to meet after landing in a car to see the void on the ground when she ran, fell to the ground. The fifth right-hand scale, you know the oyster is broken.

Not realizing that his heel had broken in spite of the pain, Hulia Kociigit realized that his foot was swollen and went to the hospital. The star of Iesilcam, who found out the pain of the hospital illness, was taken to rest in his house after he stopped in the plaster.

Speaking to Haberturk's Hulio Kocigita, "I started running in a hurry to catch a meeting, I could not see the gap in the country, I survived what happened, and I skipped it. I had a program, but what should I do now, I will try to work at home, "he said.

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