Friday , August 12 2022

Most stocks of investment tools this week


Shares traded on Borsa Istanbul increased by 1.74 percent on a weekly basis, 1.27 percent to the euro, 0.24 percent to the euro, and 0.66 percent to 24-gram gold bullion.

BIST 100 The index, the highest 103,880.40 in a week, is the lowest of 100,651.70 points after last week recorded a 1.74% increase from 103,304.05 points.

The selling price of 24 bar gold bargains traded at the Grand Bazaar rose this week by 0.66 percent, 229.50 pounds, and the republic gold price of 0.66 percent of the selling price of 0.66 pounds. Last week, the 372.00 pounds of the fourth selling price of gold rose this week to 374.00 lire.

This week the euro rose 1.27 percent and reached 6.2070 lira, while the US dollar rose 0.24 percent to 5.4990 lira.

This week, investment funds increased by 0.44 percent, and private pension funds by 0.19 percent. In their categories, "precious metals funds" became the highest with 1.44 percent among investment funds.

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