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Mustafa Cengiz: We want TFF to talk


Mustafa Cengiz: We want TFF to talk

President of Galatasaray Mustafa Cengiz held a press conference on issues on the agenda.

Cengiz, Fenerbahçe Derby made important statements about the event. President of the Cengiz TFF Legal Board, with a call to resign, TFF requested negotiations between judges VAR.

Mustafa Cengiz: We want TFF to talk – VATCH


Mustafa Chengiz, who explained the reasons for the press conference, "We decided that this press conference should be misunderstood, incomplete and accurate information from our esteemed competitors. he said.


The referee, who criticized the fight against Fira Aidinus, is the president of the Yellow and Red Club. "The referee did not intervene in the current behavior of the two players and the tension was supposed to be intervened, and the referees had to intervene in this event if it was an event in the Champions League. I was surprised by this event, which lasted one minute, 89 nice minutes were forgotten." made a description.

STORY FOR TFF's request

Mustaaf Cengiz, who criticized the dispatch of 13 people from Galatasaray and 2 from Fenerbahce, "13 people have been delivered, 2 of our rivals have been delivered, I'm not telling them to send them with 13, but we would be uncomfortable if they were dispatched by 13. If there were only 2 players, do not! The double standard makes the Turks and Legal Advisors If work then the PFDK and decide the Arbitration Board The disciplinary rule has been identified There are contrary to Article 75 and estimates, except that the judge has confirmed that he is discussing the paper and not angry, the one who made them.With such a double standard, I expect the resignation of TFF Legal Consultants or I expect it to change he said.


Mustafa Chengiz continues to explain "We had a championship with this federation, otherwise we do not seek conspiracy theory, although the position of Serdar Aziz is a punishment, but what did the VAR react to? I got a price for VAR. We would like to make a speech with VAR. in the form of.

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