Saturday , February 4 2023

Mustafa Resit Akcai Period in Osmanlisspor Finished


The second Mustafa Resit Akcai period ended in Ottomanspore. Cenk Karaiel, correspondent AA, said Akcai and the roads are leaving.

Today's training is under the auspices of infrastructure teachers indicating that Karaiel, "Mustafa Resit Akcai, our teacher resigned, uses terms.

Emphasizing that Akcai has an important place for the club, Karaiel said: "We have achieved incredible successes with Akcai in the UEFA Europa League. I would like to thank you once again, because this can not be met again." he said.

Karaiel, Irfan Buz, old managers, they do not discuss the issue: "Irfan Ice is not on the agenda, we are talking to some teachers, we're trying to do the best for the team, we have staff." We were kissing. he replied.

Karaiel underlined that Osmanlispor aims to return to the Toto Super League again, said:

"It's a very important year for us and we will try to get out of the Super League this year. This will be our biggest philosophy in our league. Not done, when you look at last year there are examples, they play in the Super League, we can to do, we started bad, but we hope that we will finish it. "

Karaiel, the wheel will switch between words, he added.

Ottomanspor lost the last two matches, and the remaining 11 weeks remaining in the Sports Toto League 1 with 13 points is in 10th place.

The capital's representative, Mustafa Resit Akcai "Sport Toto Super League in the first period of 2015-2016 season 5 has finished in history and for the first time in the history of UEFA Europa League has won the right to fight.

Osmanlispor, Akčej, UEFA Europa League, the leader in the history of the group, have achieved the most important success in history.

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