Monday , April 12 2021

Once upon a time, Gulten Celine Genc from Čukurova put on a show in her pink bikini in the winter! Celine Genc, ​​the beauty of Čukurova, was fascinated by her perfect stature!

Celine Genc, ​​whom we watched with Gulten’s character, is one of the names that once shone in Čukurova. Celine Genc, ​​one of the most interesting talents of the last period, managed to attract the audience’s attention with her beauty, but also with her acting. Celine Genc, ​​who in real life looks very different from the character in the series, surprises her fans with her posts. Celine Genc, ​​formerly Gulten of Kuukurov, was the center of attention with her bikini sharing. The video of Celine Genc, ​​who jumped into the sea in a pink bikini on a winter day, was appreciated and commented on.

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