Tuesday , May 30 2023

Restaurants have a salt certificate – Breaking Nevs


Koca said yesterday in his presentation to the Plan and Budget Committee:


In addition to With over a million medical personnel, we strive to provide fast and quality health services for more than 80 million people. Despite this growing trend, we are still far in terms of the number of doctors in international comparisons. Statistics show that our doctor should continue for a long time. There are 186 doctors in the country against the average OECD of 351 doctors per 100 thousand people.


Although our daily salt consumption falls below 12 to 10 grams per capita, it is still twice as high as 5 grams recommended by the World Health Organization. In order to reduce this level, we created our map for the reduction of salt in the food sector. We'll start this in restaurants. We will confirm the operational certificate for reducing the consumption of excess salt Lok. We also put into action the Action Plan to Combat Behavior Behavior, which we have not brought to date, but we care so much.


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Today, we produce 80 out of every 100 food boxes we consume in our country. However, this value remained at the level of 46 percent. This is an indication of the need to localize products with higher added value. In 2018, public expenditures of the pharmaceutical industry reached 30 billion lira. Due to the increase of psychiatric drugs, we included these and respiratory system drugs in the range of smart drugs.


We keep the number of cases at the minimum level by taking the necessary measures to protect our citizens from the epidemics of smallpox in large numbers in European countries. (In 2016, there were 9 cases, this number increased to 84 in 2017.) An important part of the cases of smallpox is from the Middle East, the Caucasus and European countries. In particular, hotel staff working in tourist regions and vaccine analysis studies and root causes for foreigners continue.


The certificate of birth certificate and identity certificates procedures have been completed at the health institution in which the birth is taking place and the information is delivered to the directors of the population by electronic means and the ID card is delivered to the pilot province without having to go to the offices for the population. In 2019, we will ensure that identities are sent home without needing to visit directorates for populations throughout the country.


Applications for the communication center of the Ministry of Health are 360 ​​days a day. In our analysis, it is understood that a significant part of the complaint about the person did not result from the fault of the healthcare staff. Such applications will be solved without the need for healthcare workers to become unnecessarily negligent. Given that 6 out of 100 people have applied to the wrong branch, citizens who meet with the e-Triage system to be ordered in 2019 will be referred to the right branch by asking questions about their illness in the electronic environment.

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