Friday , January 22 2021

Rıza Calımbai: We would play goalkeeper Ali Sasal as a footballer – Sivasspor news

Demir Group coach Sivasspor Rıza Calımbai gave striking statements to the broadcaster beIN Sports after the match Karabakh, which won 3: 2. Rıza Calımbai said he was proud of his team and said they had an important victory.

The match is only 4 substitutions with Reza Calımbai, “I am proud of my team. We make T-shirts even for our goalkeeper, in case we manage to enter the match. We missed it so much. We had to win this match for Turkey as well. We are playing against “Villarreal and Maccabi Tel Aviv took the game very seriously. They fought perfectly despite all these injuries and absences.”

“We ordered Ali madeasal to play, and Samassa as well. We could both be in the game. When we put Cofie in the game, we didn’t have a backup. We could assess it as needed.”

“This year, the league is also very difficult. Having 21 teams is very difficult for this year. Whether it is the second season, 25 or 30 … The situation is different this year. The league must end in May and TFF will squeeze it out. “The league is over. The Turkish Cup is starting,” he said


Rıza Calımbai said, “We were defeated twice, but we never left the match. We missed them a lot. We even made the goalkeepers use them, maybe because of them. Karabakh was better than the first game today. They fought very well, they played very well.The match was tough.Sometimes it was tough.We had to win this match to continue on our way.We hope that if other friends catch up with us the remaining matches, we will have an alternative team and complete the group of results that we would like.

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