Saturday , May 21 2022

Security Prevention with 9,000 Cameras to Istanbul Airport


Security measures with 9,000 cameras to Istanbul Airport

ISTANBUL – The security level at Istanbul Airport, the world's largest airport, has risen to the highest level. The airport is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including 9000 cameras, including thermal cameras and 360-degree rotating cameras. In addition, the radar is first used.
The total area of ​​†<†<76.5 million square meters, the safety level was raised at the highest level ranging from scheduled flights to Istanbul Airport, which is the largest airport in the world. Police and private security personnel use security procedures in the terminal area, while gendarmes teams provide security around the airport. The biggest contributor to security forces in providing airport security was technology.
Everywhere with cameras
All kinds of security measures were being considered for the Istanbul Airport, which is expected to be an important place in world aviation history. Almost all points of the airport are equipped with security cameras. At the airport where the latest technology is used, fixed cameras of 60 meters and PTZ cameras are digitally controlled and altered within 360 meters. Advanced security measures were not limited to this. Thermal cameras installed at the 720 meter terminal contribute significantly to ensuring the safety of the staff.
Use of first ground radars
There are 3,000 500 security personnel working at the airport as well as police troops. The security of the external environment is ensured by the gendarmerie. Earth radars will first be used at the new airport where they provide security with the latest technology. Mobility is determined by these radars, starting at 2.5 km. In addition, 12 ground radar and active fiber optic detectors provide cable protection within the surrounding environment on the fence.
Store 20 million GB of data
Not only the terminal building, but a number of security cameras have been installed around the airport, millions of square meters. High-definition cameras that can be displayed continuously can be checked at any time by the personnel assigned to that subject. Istanbul Airport offers 3 data centers, 102 integrated systems, 467 servers and 780 telecommunications rooms. There will be 20 million GB of data at the airport. Saved images are stored in this huge storage space.
700 km fiber cable
On the other hand, the length of the fiber cable designed for the airport is remarkable. The length of the fiber cable is 700 km between Istanbul and Berlin. In addition, there are 4,000 and 500 kilometers of copper cables between Istanbul and New Delhi between the airport's features.

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