Tuesday , September 27 2022

Selim's epidemic in Germany: for him, 13,000 people can be hepatitis


One of the leading German cities in Munich is Anesthesiologist Selim C. Selim, who acted as an anesthetist, informed patients that she deliberately infected Hepatitis C.

There is a serious health crisis in the German Bavarian region. It is not yet known how many people Selim C was thrown out of the Donau-Ries Clinic.

Bild, one of the German-readable tabloid newspapers, wrote that the investigation was deeper and how the person infected Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C, which is usually transmitted by blood, can also be transmitted through a needle.

Authorities explain why Selim C does not know why he does it. While at least 21 patients were actually exposed to hepatitis C, the hospital administration sent a letter of 1300 people and called on the gorul that they should have their own controls.

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