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Terrible assertions of the kidnapped Berfin 2-father: they offered 2 girls


The nomadic family, who came to the Kislevler hamlet in the Kislevler hamlet, about 8 kilometers from the central Surrey district, set Mehmet Salih Guler to his brother's empty house. The son of a nomadic family, who is allowed to stay at home, is known as "Taner" by Mehmet Salih-Aifer Guler, who allegedly had 4 children.


Mehmet Salih Guler, he disappeared to inform the security forces of finding his daughter, but Berfin Guler could not be found. Mehmet Salih Guler, after coming to his family, money, money and willing to offer two daughters, said: "The nomadic or nomadic family has settled in our village during the summer season. I work in building, I'm gurbette, I said lady while I was working: "Give your daughter our son." He also had nothing in his hand, said that his father would decide. When I arrived, I said that my daughter went to school. I asked my daughter's decision, but my My daughter told me, "Dad, I'm not going to marry, I'm going to school." I asked my mother, sister, my brother for an inconvenience d I am ashamed of it. My brother called me, what did she want my daughter told her that my little daughter. "


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Mehmet Salih Guler, Adapazari, who on November 3 sailed his daughter to Diyarbakir to find out that he was kidnapped, he continued:

I called the boy's father, said his father, my daughter is young and her son is 25. I was ignorant, brought my daughter to close the topic. He said: "No one can do anything, no one can do anything to us." I said, "You can be strong, but my country is stronger, I trust my country, soldier, the police." can not get anything, "he said.

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Guler said that the family, which she claimed to have kidnapped her, offered Berfyn the money and the two daughters she liked, adding:

"I do not believe that my daughter left with her own consent," Agents come to offer money, I tell them, "Nobody can pay for my daughter's price, you do not have a chance," I say, "If you take your nephew to whom you are taking." I can not do So rude, they are not like them, I do not accept such a thing. I believe in my country, the gendarmerie, the police, the soldiers will reveal my daughter as soon as possible.

Guler, his mother who showed Berphy's portrait of coal, wanted her to have her daughter.

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