Thursday , August 5 2021

The human brain was connected to a computer wirelessly for the first time

The team behind BrainGate technology has made it possible to use the technology they previously used with the help of cables in a completely wireless way. Participants were able to use the technology in their homes 24 hours a day without interference.

Although computer control of our brain is a utopian idea, this has long since become a reality thanks to advanced technology. Now scientists are looking for this combination. completely wireless They managed to do that. The research was published in the journal IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

In their studies, the scientists enabled paralyzed participants to control a tablet computer. BrainGate system to the point of connection used in the wire systems that connect to a person’s cerebral cortex. small transmitter is set. Thanks to this transmitter, participants can close to wired systems He managed to achieve typing speed, marking accuracy and clicks.

Extremely important development in neural interface technologies:


From Brown University, who gave a statement about the study Dr. John Simeralto wired systems, which have been the gold standard for years in the performance of the brain-computer interface of a wireless system is equivalent stated that they showed. Simeral, BrainGate’s chief systems engineer, said the system could use the same decoding algorithms they use in wired equipment and that the only difference between this system and wired was “to the rest of the people’s equipment it does not have to be physically attached“He added that.

Two study participants, aged 35 and 63, were paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries. These two participants developed a wireless system 24 hours without downtime managed to use it in their own homes instead of in a laboratory environment. This showed the simplicity of both the installation and the use of technology.


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This study, which represents the latest advances in neural interface technologies, which continue to grow and develop today, also explains how BrainGate technology can be used. new opportunities will present. In addition, we can expect that the need for cables in these technologies will completely disappear in the future.

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