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The mother of the groom was killed at the wedding, the coffin poured the tear in her head

The incident occurred in the town of Samsun Asarcık Bicincik around 11:00 pm last night. According to the information obtained, the president of MHP Asarcık District Hasan Demirciğan during the wedding ceremony of his son Adem Demirchi allegedly made a hearing because of the search for the request.

His friend Gokhan S. (24) attacked the groom of Adem Demirchi. When the mother of the groom Satı Demirci (52) intervened to protect her son, Gokhan was injured in a knife attack by S. The knife attacker escaped from the scene. Satı Demirci, who was seriously wounded, died at night in the state hospital Kavak.

Suspects in the murder of Gokhan S. and his friend Mustafa A. (38), the Bureau of Public Security Bureau of the Samsun Police Department killing was detained and detained by teams. The Samsun Police Directorate, whose operations were completed by two suspects, was sent to a court in Kavak. Sud Gokhan S. he was dressed in a steel police vest that attracted attention.


Gokhan S. who gave a statement to the courtroom sentenced in court and sent to prison, Mustafa A. is released provided that prison control.

Satı Demirci's funeral, Samsun training and hospital research in the morgue after the autopsy were carried out in the Asarcık Imamlar district.

Satı Demirche's suitcase was taken to the Taskesiga mosque where the funeral prayer was held on the shoulders.


Adem Demirci, a groom praying at the beginning of a mother's chest in front of the mosque, strokes his mother's coffin with his hand, and he cries with tears and crying, El you left me at my wedding. The cousins ​​of the grooms hardly calmed down.

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