Friday , January 22 2021

The Scientific Committee clarified that the epidemic will end

Salk Bakanl Scientific Committee, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Minister and Director of the Institute prof. Dr. Serhat Nal stated that during the coronavirus developed by IN, the understanding of health areas ceased, and those acquisitions were assessed by an independent committee for data audit and security oversight, and since they were safe enough, they started the second step, the citizens’ area. Prof. Dr. Recalling that 21,000 people applied for membership, “There was more effort than we expected, there were more than 21,000 people who wanted to do it. Don’t get me wrong; but not every incoming person will get it. Stage 3, this is a person, one will be empty. And we will follow them in the coming days, “he said.


Noting that a certain number of citizens will suffer from the disease, prof. Dr. Nal said, “Those who are sick will break the code when they reach a certain number. What does breaking the code mean? Well, we don’t know who we gave a free or normal month to. The app will look and look at 100 people on the hand, on the hand that is not given .When the code was broken, he got sick in a hand that didn’t have 90 out of 100 people, and in a hand that had 10. So when it’s done for 100, that means it interferes with the patient in 90. Why not 100 out of 100? “Honey, what the main body responded to was related to how well the immune system and defense system responded. 90 percent protection is a good number,” he said.


Dnia Salk rgt reminded that “If there is a safety net of 60 or more estimates, we can stop the epidemic if we use it widely”, prof. Dr. “In our country, when the time comes, they will discover that the code will be violated, that the mother who comes inside is protective. Not only in Turkey, but also in Brazil and Indonesia, shopping continues. Brazil has many more people than us. “He brought 10 thousand. From there, we expect a code violation and an event to come,” he said.


Prof. Dr. Serhat nal, stating that he had logged on to the rot website and washed the phone line, “Mracaat’s group evaluates according to their professions and risk groups. People who are known to be privileged will be notified to our 24 centers. These centers will recruit according to my own programs. I don’t know if I’ll have to take it all. It all comes down to breaking the code. Our main goal is to show that there is a secure and efficient network that can be acceptable as a side effect in phase 3. We don’t have a phys of its security anyway. ” We have the capacity to accommodate up to 13 thousand people, which is less than a certain number. Either we reach this number or if there are enough patients before that, we will stop taking the code. ”


Prof. Dr. Noting that the coronavirus is still prevalent worldwide, Serhat Nal says:

“The coronavirus is currently continuing to burn the world. We are talking about 50 million ship cases, a million ships. Where will this end, where will it go? As we have always said, there is either the expectation of mutation; but as we have always said, we are If you give it, give it, the disease does not happen or give it to those who are sick, it will prevent all deaths, there are implications for that, but there is still no cure, or we will believe the Moon. we strictly adhere to the restrictions of mask, distance, hand hygiene and spreading. Our biggest responsibilities at the moment are mask, distance, hand hygiene, respecting restrictions, slowing down the epidemic and waiting for the mother to stop with her help in the future. “

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