Monday , November 29 2021

Turk Telekom is recruiting staff through ISKUR


Candidates who completed secondary vocational schoolsComputer programming, Computer technology and programming, Information management, Electricity, Electronics, Electronics, Electronic communications, Electronic technology, Electricity, Production Transmission and distribution Industrial electronics Industrial automation, Household appliances, Communication, Communication technologies, Air conditioning Cooling, Internet programming and network technology, construction, control systems technology, bronze bellows Telecommunications, candidates who can apply to candidates in a person and with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the candidates are asked to file an appeal. aged 30 years of age.


In other purchases, it has been announced that candidates will be recruited from an associate education program in order to gain employment in the field of electrical engineering. Candidates from ISKURit was announced in a statement published on November 27th.

Electronic telecommunications technician Applications for the purchase of electrical technicians will continue from November 22 to December 16. In addition, two candidates can contact disabled people.

To access ads ISKUR opens job posting page It will be enough to search 00004721386 and 00004733465.

Updated: November 18, 2018, 19:21

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