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TURKSTAT VPI CPI Increase in Inflation Rate in February January Inflation Rate in 2019 Economic News

In January 2019, the inflation rate of TURKSTAT VPI CPI CPI was questioned as to the rate of increase in February. The inflation rate in TURKSTAT in 2017, which citizens are unusually waiting, is being questioned when will be published. After inflation, the TEFE CPI will be announced in February. Millions of people are locked in anticipation of inflation rates. They will soon remain Citizens of the Turkish Statistics of the US Institution in February (TSI), in January 2019. Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Price Index of Domestic Manufacturers (Ji-ICP) focused on data. The eyes of all have been turned into this. The question is how much the inflation rate in January and the rate of growth were rents. According to the rate of inflation, the salary rate will be determined. Here, inflation expectations are expected for millions and rates linked to an increase in the CPI CPI growth rate.


Data on inflation in Turkey in January will be published on February 4th. The data to be published on February 4, 2019 will be inflation in January and will be used at the same time as the rental rate for February.

In other words, since January, the rental rate is high and the rent will be announced as of February. According to the legislation, the rate of rent increase will be calculated on the basis of the 12-month average CPI, which is among the announced figures.

Reduced inflation forecast

While the Central Bank lowered inflation forecasts for 2019 and 2020, the message of the president's opinion on the positive attitude has positively reflected in the market. Ten-year interest rate on bonds of 8 months, the dollar fell to 5.27.

The central bank has lowered inflation forecasts from 15.2 to 14.6 percent for 2019 and from 9.3 to 8.2 for 2020. Speaking at a meeting that was held for the presentation of the inflation report, Central Bank President Murat Četinkiia said that we expect inflation to stabilize to 5 percent in the medium term after falling to 5.4 percent at the end of 2021.


Murat Cetinkaia, until the persistent decline in inflation until a persistent monetary policy is maintained, stating that "our goal is to reduce inflation to individual households, then in a three-year period, our goal is to approach 5%," he said. The decisive resolve of the president to combat inflation and the current inflow of foreign 10-year bonds, the interest rate fell below 15 percent and fell to the bottom of 8 months. The dollar fell close to 1% and fell below 5.27 TL. On the other hand, the Central Bank estimates oil prices of $ 80 to $ 63 for 2019.


Emphasizing that solid monetary policy and the improvement of inflationary forecasts contributed to the improvement of financial indicators in the country, the respondent said: "The Turkish lira fell under favorable conditions, while the new economic program and the steps taken led to an improvement in perceptions of risks. We see that a strong trend of exports and tourism support the gradual recovery of the economy in 2019.


Cetinkaia stated that food inflation is a particular risk, especially on the price of fresh vegetables and fruits. "As the Central Bank, we are concerned about economic development, structural elements and steps taken. Within the Law on positive steps taken, especially current work, "he said.

2019 Rental has changed the rate of hiking and calculating the increase in rent!

With a legal amendment, the figures for the annual rental rate have been changed. After that, a 12-month PPI average instead of a tenant will increase its rent above the 12-month average CPI.

7161 Since the Law on Amendments to the Law on Taxes and Certain Laws and Legislation was published in the Official Gazette on 18 January 2019, it was adopted on January 18. In other words, since January 18, the rate of rent increase has become a CPI.


One of the measures included in the New Economy Program directly affects the rate of increase in real estate lease. The hosts will no longer be able to walk from the price of the producer, but at the consumer price. Under the heading "Policies and Measures" in the section "Inflation", the article iuksek The upper limit for the rate of increase in rent will be determined by consumer prices rather than by producer prices with high sensitivity to movements in exchange rates and commodity prices. Under normal conditions, the average increase in domestic producer price (D-PPI) prices in 12 months will be determined by the CPI along with the new regulation. In August, a 12-month performance of the PPI was achieved, ie 18.78%, or 12.61%. This means that a consumer who pays a thousand pounds annuity for his residency will pay 188 pounds in September if the hiking time coincides with August. If the CPI rate was up to 126 pounds.

visual result of the rate of rent increase

How Many Times Was Tested In The Year?

While the rate of rent increase in August amounted to 17.41 TL, this figure is the highest in 2018. Growing annuities around the country have grown by about 60 percent a year. In the first eight months of 2018, the increase in the rental rate was 10 percent. Observing the summer months, the renta growth rate, which stood at 15.80% in June, rose to 16.57% in July and to 17.41% in August.

Monthly rental rate of 1 year

August 2017:% 10.94

September 2017:% 12.05

October 2017:% 13.26

November 2017:% 14.47

December 2017:% 15.38

January 2018:% 15.82

February 2018:% 15.66

March 2018:% 15,50

April 2018:% 15.35

May 2018:% 15.36

June 2018:% 15.80

July 2018:% 16.57

August 2018: 17.41%


Turkey's Statistics Office (TUIK) released inflation figures in December. According to TURKSTAT, the CPI fell by 0.40% in December, while the annual increase was 20.30%.

In December 2018 there was a decline of 0.40% compared to the previous month, 20.30% compared to December of the previous year, 20.30% compared to the same month of the previous year and 16.33% on the basis of average twelve months.

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Of the main groups of expenditures, in December 2018, groups included in the index increased by 0.78% in various goods and services, 0.62% in health care, 0.31% in restaurants and hotels and 0.16% in alcoholic drinks and tobacco.


In December 2018, the main expenditure groups comprised 2.56% of turnover, 0.25% of entertainment and culture, 0.13% reduction of communication and 0.06% reduction in housing.


In IPC, according to the same month of the previous year, various goods and services amounted to 28.80 percent, food and non-alcoholic drinks 25.11 percent, housing 23.73 percent, entertainment and culture 20.86 percent higher than other major expenditures .


The classification of statistical units of the region (NUTS) in 26 regions at level 2, the highest increase compared to the same month of the previous year is 23.53% in the region TRA2 (Agri, Kars, Igdir, Ardahan) and the highest in the twelve month average. The increase was 18, 26% in the region TR63 (Hatai, Kahramanmaras, Osmaniye).

In December 2018, the index included 407 items; Average prices of 44 items remained unchanged, while average prices of 202 items increased and average prices of 161 items decreased.


Tefe – IPC gaiimenkul sector and economy are the most important value considered one of the main indicators in Turkey.


CPI is the consumer price index TU. We can measure inflation thanks to the gun. The value of the rifle is calculated by the Central Bureau of Statistics. The rifle is used to compare pre-purchased assets with the price of the service previously purchased.

IPC when it is accounted for, Turkey represents the general in the year of the mass is calculated as an example of how money is spent on goods and services. In addition, weightings of all goods and services are determined.


VPI is the abbreviation for T. Wholesale Price Index T. Includes all the raw materials we use. So, this is the index that shows the increase in the price of goods in bulk.

What is the difference between CPI and VPI?

Tefe and Tuff are commonly used together and they compare each other. These indices show different values.

While Tefe shows price rises, Tuman shows the direction of demand for price increases.

Tefe also measures changes in the price of certain goods, such as Tufte, which is already included in the index.

The most important point separating Tefe from Tufek is that the consumer price index directly measures commodity prices in the hands of consumers, while the wholesale price index measures the cost of raw materials and semi-finished products.

The scope of Tefe is wider than Tufek.

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