Tuesday , May 30 2023

Violence in the car! When the police followed the traces of blood …


The event that took place at 14:00 in the central Seljuk district of Haskoi Street in Bosnia and Herzegovina took place on the street. 42 CVU 90 board parked in a light commercial vehicle in a lover, who saw that a person lying to the police and health teams reported the situation. Medical teams are calling for an incident, on the body of various parts of his body were found about 20 strokes. The police came out of the car plate, Erdal Iildirim found himself dead.

Brutality in the car The police followed the traces of blood ...

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Iildırım found out about his family yesterday at noon at the Ozalkent Police Center to apply for a loss. The police found a piece of fruit with a knife on the spot and followed the traces of blood and found a broken knife about 500 yards in front. Police, an incident that happened there, or a suspect after the incident was realized on suspicion of escaping in that direction.

Burial of Erdal Iildirim after exploring the operation of the autopsy operation for the Konya Numune hospital morgue has been removed. Police have launched suspicious or suspicious investigators.


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