Friday , January 22 2021

We will continue our journey with Qatar from now on! – Newspaper Sozcu

Wealth Fund, 10 percent of the Istanbul Stock Exchange to Qatar handed over. It is said that it was sold, but how much was given has not been announced. Very possible 5 cents not paid. It went for free.

Like again The pallet tank factory has been leased to Qatar for 25 years like … him too free given!

Qatar love another … the most beautiful for Qataris the right to vote and to vote Let’s solve this job in peace!


And let alone transfer THI, BOTAS, CAIKUR, under the management of the Wealth Fund to Qatar, who would say anything? Personally, I wanted to give shares … Covert accessory like this covered fund!

Court of Auditors no institution, including her, can revise it. Protected by a special law, no one can say anything!


Law on Public Procurement and Law on State Procurement It is not applicable to many laws, funds and companies and other companies that need to establish this fund. Unable to control. The question cannot be asked. Invoice not given. He doesn’t even pay taxes.

All right, sell the shares on the Qatar Stock Exchange … Why was it done without a tender I wonder? If the offer is collected and a better price is provided in favor of the nation … Is there any explanation on that topic? Not!


Transfer what amount was she done How is it calculated? Where did the money go? In which areas was it decided to use it?

Did I sell it? For privatization and expropriation had. And also Catharization exit.

They themselves Construction of the Istanbul Canal They wanted it to be realized as soon as possible. Give us the canal, Istanbul to them I guess it will stay …

In fact, times will go on. Money fund who knows where he will go? Infinitely ability to borrow has authority. We won’t know and they will take our pants under us!

However, even lending to the Republic of Turkey Treasure makes over. It must comply with the established restrictions. Even if you run a state you can’t borrow money in your mind …


The fund borrowed viciously, recklessly, without restrictions. Let’s say the power has changed. A new administration has arrived. See the Wealth Fund, Qatar owes $ 100 billion appearance. Can’t it be? He even sells the palace, and the income is entered into the fund! They have such powers.

Debts of the Wealth Fund taken over by pledging the transferred goods what if he can’t pay? Not only revenues, but also assets were transferred to the fund. So they will sell their values ​​one by one.


What is the logic of the Wealth Fund? First of all, an entity or a public hand excess income It has to be. Do we have it? Not!

If you give more in foreign trade or sell natural resources If you do not know what to do with the money You have established such funds. Transfer the excess money there.


But ours when we are indebted Isn’t it absurd that we founded the Wealth Fund and tried to save money by not paying off the debt? So this is business accident or otherwise intention where.

Based on the personal consent of the President and not subject to parliamentary scrutiny Turkey will surpass the neck by signing a billion-dollar agreement … Now new generation they work in the morning and in the evening, they try to pay.

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