Thursday , September 29 2022

You can tell the Black Sea chapter 29 LIVE | SAK Last Episode VATCH


You're talking about the Black Sea episode workshop 29 curious. ATV's, and the record-breaking record of the Black Sea record, the crowd is full on Wednesday evening, it's already full. In the new part of the Black Sea, you will keep breathing. You can follow our news to watch the Black Sea section live. What will we look at the 30 Black Sea? Here's the SAK 29 episode live and the 30th episode of the episodes … You told the Blackboard Department 29 episodes of the audience excited. ATV and with great interest in the new section of the Black Sea will tell you the romantic moments. Tahir, Nephees proposed marriage as the audience experiences moments. Here's the story of the 29th episode of the Black Sea …


Tahir who saved Iigit experienced the joy of being a father. Tahir, who is determined not to return the Iigit at all costs, is ready to do anything for it. Who will stop the Vedas from taking action until Tahir waits for his eyes to be vague? She is not aware that she is in trouble when her sons are concerned that something will happen to her in a matter of seconds. Facing him in a matter of seconds, Fikret opposes him with the great sins of the past. What's the big secret for seconds? Tahir and Nepheese are determined to live without fear of the Vedas. While enjoying the happiness they have never experienced to their families, Vedat will meet his treasonous plans. What is the big deal that Vedat has in connection with the Breath?


Iigit loses his breath, while he will lose hope to Tahir. Will Tahir, who remembers Breath, be able to bring his wife back to her feet? Will my son save the yogi from the Vedas? Iigit harms Vedat's patience while trying to become vigorous against the Vedas. He already tried Tahir in the same way he approached his son. Vedat tests breath without the absence of his son and forces him to the choice he knows. Will Tahir or Iigit say that Vedat will be able to achieve Dih?


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I'm not crazy. 29 years. Mert, fighting, crazy firearms, impatient face of the Black Sea. He works on family-owned pedestrian boats, he does not like the company's business, likes to be in the Black Sea and the sea. Blood breaks, but his heart is full of grace.

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A young woman in her 24-year-old life who could not afford just one breath. His mother died of her birth, but she sold Vedat, the right-wing son, when her father was only 16 years old. He was seventeen at Igigit. Since then, he has been working with his son in his home to breathe, live, and resist. He left his son many times, was found and returned many times. Every time he beat him, he tortured himself every time. She is a stubborn, stubborn, stubborn woman who retains her pain.

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