Tuesday , November 24 2020

Zarko Cabarkapa in Fenerbahce Beko

The moment came from Fenerbahce Beck. Sarı Lacivertliler announced that they had reached an agreement with Žarko Cabarkap as “Director of Staff / Scout Players”.

Here is a statement given by Fenerbahce:

Our men’s basketball team Fenerbahce Beko in his basketball career played in NBA teams such as Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns, and Zarko Cabarkapa, who was the sports director in the organization of the Adriatic League and the Red Star team, and the director of personnel / scouts. ) reached an agreement.

Who is Zarko Cabarkapa?

Born on May 21, 1981 in Zrenjanin, Zarko Cabarkapa played in a long attacking position in his basketball career. Zarko Cabarkapa carried Beopetrol between 1997-2001 and Buducnost 2001-2003. Cabarkapa, who was selected by the Phoenician Suns for 17th place in the 2003 NBA Draft, began his NBA adventure with this team in the 2003-2005 seasons. Continuing his NBA experience with the Golden State Warriors in 2005-2007, Cabarkapa had to end his acting career at a young age due to injury problems. Cabarkapa also represented the Yugoslav national team in many different age groups. Zarko won a gold medal at the Phoebe World Championships in Indianapolis with the Yugoslav national team in 2002.

Žarko Čabarkapa, who started his managerial career after his acting years, worked as a sports director in the Adriatic League between 2015-2019. Finally, Zarko Cabarkapa, who worked as the sports director of Kızıliıldız, one of the Euroleague teams in the 2019-20 season, will work as the “Director of Staff / Scout Players” in the Fenerbahce Beka administrative team from today.

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