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A disease that Prince Carr had feared at an old age


A disease that feared Prince Karar in the grave, Sakr Nevs, quoting Giulia, spread the disease in which you are afraid of Prince Karara in the grave, the disease Karen brought in the cemetery, our visitors have gone through new news today through our Sakr news and started with the main news, the disease was frightened by Prince Karar in the old.

Sanaa Al Taveelah

Egyptian artist Amir Karara has uncovered a disease he was afraid of being infected in a grave, especially as he hit his grandmother on his mother.

Amir Karara, said at a meeting in the Tarikh program, with the media and Wafa Al-Kilani, and the broadcaster over the BBC: "Fear Alzheimer's disease, which hit his grandmother in the late days"

He added: "His grandmother's attitude was very difficult because he asked him on his mother's behalf during the visit and described the situation very influential."

He pointed out that if he was asked to write some of the names to remember at this time, he would be his name and his career next to the names of his sons Laila, Nelli and Salim, as well as his wife's name, emphasizing that he wanted death before the connection of this era.

During the episode, Amir Karara introduced a dance link with a stick to the song "Ia Halva Ia Shaila Al Balas", which impressed the audience.

He also revealed the nature of his treatment at home, saying that he helps his wife in the work of the house and has obsession with washing dishes and dishes and organizes them in the place assigned to them, and foams himself and looks after him.

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