Tuesday , May 30 2023

«Abu Dhabi Global Market» warns of scams on behalf of «United Investment»


Abu Dhabi's regulatory authority for global financial services, the financial community and members of the public has warned of false allegations propagated by people who claim to represent an entity called United Investment Compani PJSC.

This entity claims it is incorrect on its website (vvv.aminvcae.com) to be located at the Abu Dhabi International Market Square on the island of Al-Mariia.

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (SEC) warns the market, potential investors and members of the public that PJSC United Investment Compani is a fictitious company, and those who claim to represent them charge a fee, have never received a license for financial services or are subject to regulation of financial services. or registration in Abu Dhabi Global Market.

Targeted victims

The Financial Services Regulatory Agency emphasizes the market and investors not to respond to the messages received from this entity, and also claims that fake individuals are located outside the Abu Dhabi global market and the UAE and target potential victims through a business website or a social networking platform. Financing by providing false documents to victims, such as loan or investment agreements.

And it confirms that only companies authorized by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority can conduct organized activities on the Abu Dhabi market. The Financial Services Regulatory Authority warns the market and investors not to deal with any company until it is confirmed that the company is reliable and has the appropriate authority for financial services from the Global Market of Abu Dhabi.

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